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Minnesota in the War with Germany, Volume 1

Minnesota in the War with Germany, Volume 1. By Franklin F. Holbrook and Livia Appel. St. Paul, Minnesota Historical Society, 1928, xi, 374 p. Illustrations. Green hardcover with title on binding. The Second volume (not a part of the Archives, was produced in 1932).

This is the initial volume of a projected two-volume narrative history of Minnesota's contribution to the war with Germany (World War I). It has been produced under the direction of the Minnesota Historical Society.

An earlier plan for a comprehensive history in eight volumes had to be dropped with the state legislature decided that the project was too costly, but not before the first of the proposed volumes -- A History of the 151st Field Artillery, by Louis L Collins -- had come from the press. The present volume, however, is intended to stand with its prospective companion volume as an independent work.

A chapter from Minnesota in the War With Germany describes the training of officers at Fort Snelling, Minnesota during World War I.


Well documented, this state study treats some of the problems of a state in which the war was controversial due to its ethnic composition. Minnesota had a very strong peace movement which was overridden by a pro-war Commission of Public Safety. The chapters dealing with training camps are strong.

-- America and World War 1 by David R. Woodward

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