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King George V - Photographs

Portrait of King George V - 1912

Portrait of King George V from 1912 in Full-Militrary Dress Uniform

Below: A remarkable group of British and French leaders photographed on the British Front in 1918. King George is the Center.

British and French Military Leaders from World War One

Front Row: King George V is at the Center of this photograph. At the king's right (left of picture) are Marechal Foch, General Debeney, and General Rawlinson. At the king's left (right of picture) are Field Marshal Haig, General Petain, and General Fayolle.

King George V Portrait Photo ca 1916

George V, King of Great Britain and Ireland and Emperor of India

The reigning King of England, son of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, who was a Danish princess, was born June 3, 1865. His marriage to Princess Victoria Mary, now Queen Mary, occurred in July. 1893. He ascended the throne on the death of his father. May 6, 1910. King George was crowned in Westminster Abbey in June, 1911.

The King and Queen of England have five sons—the Prince of Wales and heir-apparent, Edward Albert, and the Princes Albert Frederick. Henry William, George Edward, and John Charles—and one daughter. Princess Victoria Alexandra.

Great Britain's colonial empire includes the great English-speaking, practically self-governing countries of Canada, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand, the rich, densely populated Empire of India, the ancient land of Egypt, and smaller provinces and islands the world over.

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