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Exhibit T - Special Bulletin from the American Legion Post in Seattle - 1920

Special Bulletin

Seattle, Washington, February 14, 1920.

Dear Comrade—Greetings: In line with the general policy of the American Legion throughout the state your Post plans to conduct a membership contest covering three weeks beginning Monday, February 16th and ending Monday, March 1st.

A series of prizes will be offered in this contest which are well worth striving for. The prizes are as follows:

To the comrade securing the greatest number of paid applications for the year 1920 a solid gold American Legion ring.

To the two comrades securing the next highest number of paid applications for the year 1920 solid gold American Legion buttons will be given.

To the lady comrade securing the greatest number of ladies applications paid for the year 1920 a solid gold American Legion brooch is the prize offered.

Members desiring to enter this contest should apply at the office of the Adjutant, 706 Soldier & Sailors Club to secure applications and receipt books.

Applications are acceptable only from honorary discharged soldiers, sailors, or marines who were in the service within the period April 6, 1917 to November 11, 1918. Ladies applications are acceptable only from former members of the Army Nurse Corps, Yeomanettes. Marinettes, and Telephone operators of Signal Corps units. The eligibility of each applicant must be certified to by member taking application.

Four dollars and seventy-five cents ($4.75) must accompany each application which will cover two dollars initiation fee and dues for 1920, eleven months at. 25c per month. This includes also subscription to the American Legion Weekly.

No meeting will be held Monday, February 23rd. but Washington’s birthday, Sunday February 22nd will be the occasion of a memorial to be conducted jointly by the four Seattle Posts at the Metropolitan Theatre.

At this memorial certificates issued by the French Government to families of our comrades who died in service will be issued and an impressive program has been prepared.

This is the first public memorial to be undertaken by the American Legion and out of respect to your departed comrades you are requested to be present. The hour of the ceremony will be announced in the press.

Fraternally yours,
Thos. N. Swale,

P.S.—Have you paid your dues?


"[Exhibit T]: Affidavit of Gertrude Hoppock: Special Bulletin from the American Legion Post in Seattle - 1920, [From the American Legion, 14 February 1920]," in Recognition for Purposes of VA Benefits, Hearing before the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Unted States Senate, Ninety-Fifth Congress, First Session on S. 247, S. 1414, S. 129, and Related Bills. Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 25 May 1977. p. 374-375.

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