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Exhibit D - Hoppock - Memo from Capt. E. J. Wesson, U.S. Army - 1918

[Exhibit D]
War Department,
Office of the Chief Signal Officer,
Washington, February 13, 1918.

From : Office of the Chief Signal Officer.

To: Commanding General, American Expeditionary Forces, France.

Subject: Appointment.

1. The bearer, Adele Louise Hoppock, was this date appointed Operator, Telephone Unit, in the Signal Service at Large, at $60.00 per month, with allowances of rations, quarters and medical attendance accorded Army Nurses by Army Regulations, as provided in authority from the Secretary of War, of late November 28, 1917, and will be directed to report to you for assignment of duty, upon completion of preliminary course in school of instruction for telephone operators. She executed the oath of office February 13, 1918, and entered upon duty February 13, 1918.

2. In case of emergency, notify : Mr. Arthur W. Hoppock, 102 Harvard Ave., North Seattle, Wash.

By authority of the Chief Signal Officer.

E. J. Wesson,
Captain, Signal Corps, U.S.R.

"Exhibit D: Affidavit of Gertrude Hoppock: Memo from Capt. E. J. Wesson, US Army, 13 February 1918," in Recognition for Purposes of VA Benefits, Hearing before the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, Unted States Senate, Ninety-Fifth Congress, First Session on S. 247, S. 1414, S. 129, and Related Bills. Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 25 May 1977. p. 363.

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