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Personnel of the AEF in France - 1918

General Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Forces at Chaumont.

General Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Forces at Chaumont. American Armies and Battlefields, 1938. GGA Image ID # 1853df79ae

Listing of the United States Armies, Commanders, Divisions, Brigades, Regiments, and Battalions that served in France during the Great War, 1917-1918.

1st Army Corps

Major Gen. Hunter Liggett, Commanding

1st and 2nd Division, Regular Army; 26th, (New England), 32d, (Michigan and Wisconsin), 41st, (Washington, Oregon, North and South Dakota, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Minnesota), and 42nd (Rainbow, troops from twenty-six States) Divisions, National Guard.

1st Division

Major Gen. Charles P. Summerall, commanding; Lieut. Col. Campbell King, Chief of Staff; Major H. K. Loughry, Adjutant General.

  • 1st Brigade, Infantry—Major John L. Hines; 16th and 18th Regiments; 2nd Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 2nd Brigade, Infantry—Major Gen. Beaumont B. Buck; 26th and 28th Regiments; 3rd Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 1st Brigade, Field Artillery—(Commanding officer not announced) ; 5th, 6th, and 7th Regiments; 1st Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—1st Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—2nd Battalion.
  • Division Units—1st Machine Gun Battalion.

2nd Division (U. S. M. C.)

Brig. Gen. John E. Le Jeune, commanding; Brig. Gen. Preston Brown, Chief of Staff.

  • 3rd Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Hanson E. Ely; 9th and 23rd Regiments; 5th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 4th Brigade, Infantry (Marines)—Brig. Gen. John E. Le Jeune; 5th and 6th Regiments; 6th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 2nd Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig Gen. A. J. Bowley; 12th, 15th, and 17th Regiments; 2nd Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—2nd Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—1st Battalion.
  • Division Units—2nd Division Headquarters Troops; 4th Machine Gun Battalion.

26th Division

Major Gen. Clarence R. Edwards, commanding; Lieut. Col. Cassius M. Dowell, Chief of Staff; Major Charles A. Stevens, Adjutant General.

  • 51st Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. George H. Shelton; 101st and 102nd Regiments; 102nd Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 52nd Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. C. H. Cole; 103rd and 104th Regiments; 103rd Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 51st Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. D. E. Aultman; 101st Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—101st Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—101st Field Battalion.
  • Division Units—26th Headquarters Troop; 101st Machine Gun Battalion.

32nd Division

Major Gen. W. G. Haan, commanding; Lieut. Col. Allen L. Briggs, Chief of Staff; Major John H. Howard, Adjutant General.

  • 63rd  Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. William D. Connor; 125th and 126th Regiments; 120th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 64th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. E. B. Winans; 127th and 128th Regiments; 121st Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 57th Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. G. LeRoy Irwin; 119th, 120th and 121st Regiments; 107th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—107th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—107th Battalion.
  • Division Units—32nd Headquarters Troops; 119th Machine Gun Battalion.

41st Division (Sunset)

Major. Gen. Robert Alexander, commanding; Colonel Harry H. Tebbetts, Chief of Staff; Major Herbert H. White, Adjutant General.

  • 81st Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Wilson B. Burt; 161st and 162nd Regiments; 147th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 82nd  Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Edward Vollrath; 163rd and 164th Regiments; 148th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 66th Brigade, Field Artillery—(Commanding officer not announced); 146th, 147th, and 148th Regiments; 116th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—116th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—116th Battalion.
  • Division Units—41st Division Headquarters Troop; 146th Machine Gun Battalion.

42nd Division (Rainbow)

Major Gen. C. T. Menoher, commanding; (Chief of Staff not announced) ; Major Walter E. Powers, Adjutant General.

  • 83rd Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. M. Lenihan; 165th and 166th Regiments; 150th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 84th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. R. A. Brown; 167th and 168th Regiments; 151st Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 67th Brigade. Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. G. C. Gatley; 149th, 150th and 151st Regiments; 117th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—117th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—117th Field Signal Battalion.
  • Division Units—42nd Division Headquarters Troop; 149th Machine Gun Battalion.

2nd Army Corps

Major Gen. Robert Lee Bullard, Commanding.

4th Division, Regular Army; 28th, (Pennsylvania,) 30th, (Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and District of Columbia), and 36th (Missouri and Kansas) Divisions, National Guard; 77th (New York) and 82nd (Georgia, Alabama, and Florida) Divisions, National Army.

4th Division

Major Gen. George H. Cameron, commanding; Lieut. Col. Christian A. Bach, Chief of Staff; Major Jesse D. Elliott, Adjutant General.

  • 7th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. B. A. Poore; 39th and 47th Regiments; 11th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 8th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. E. E. Booth; 58th and 59th Regiments; 12th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 4th Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. E. B. Babbitt; 13th, 16th and 77th Regiments; 4th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—4th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—8th Battalion.
  • Division Units—4th Division Headquarters Troop; 10th Machine Gun Battalion.

28th Division

Major Gen. C. H. Muir, commanding; (Chief of Staff not announced) ; Lieut. Col. David J. Davis, Adjutant General.

  • 55th  Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. T. W. Darrah; 109th and 110th Regiments; 108th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 56th  Brigade, Infantry—Major Gen. William Weigel; 111th and 112th Regiments; 109th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 53rd  Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. W. G. Price, 107th, 108th, and 109th Regiments; 103rd Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—103rd Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—103rd Battalion.
  • Division Units—28th Division Headquarters Troop; 107th Machine Gun Battalion.

30th Division (Wild Cat)

Major Gen. Edward M. Lewis, commanding; Lieut. Col. Robert B. McBride, Chief of Staff; Lieut. Col. Francis B. Hinkle, Adjutant General.

  • 59th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Lawrence D. Tyson; 117th and 118th Regiments; 114th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 60th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Samuel L. Faison; 119th and 120th Regiments; 115th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 55th  Brigade, Field Artillery—(Commanding officer not announced) ; 113th, 114th and 115th Regiments; 105th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—105th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—165th Battalion.
  • Division Units—30th Division Headquarters Troop; 113th Machine Gun Battalion.

35th Division

Major Gen. Peter E. Traub, commanding; Colonel Robert McCleave, Chief of Staff; Major J. M. Hobson, Adjutant General.

  • 69th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Nathaniel McClure; 137th and 138th Regiments; 129th Machine Gun Battalion. 70TH Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Charles I. Martin; 139th and 140th Regiments; 130th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 60th Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. L. G. Berry; 128th, 129th, and 130th Regiments; 110th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—110th Battalion.
  • Division Units—35th Division Headquarters Troop; 128th Machine Gun Battalion.

77th Division (Upton)

Major Gen. George B. Duncan, commanding; (Chief of Staff not announced); Major W. N. Haskell, Adjutant General.

  • 153rd Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Edward Wittenmeyer; 205th and 306th Regiments; 305th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 154th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Evan M. Johnson; 307th and 308th Regiments; 306th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 152nd Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. Thomas H. Reeves; 304th, 305th and 306th Regiments; 302nd Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—302nd Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—302nd Battalion.
  • Division Units—77th Division Headquarters Troop; 304th Machine Gun Battalion.

82nd Division

Major Gen. W. P. Burnham, commanding; Lieut. Col. Royden E. Beebe, Chief of Staff; Lieut. Col. John R. Thomas, Adjutant General.

  • 163rd  Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Marcus D. Cronin; 325th and 326th Regiments; 320th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 164th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Julian R. Lindsay; 327th and 328th Regiments; 321st Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 157th Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. Charles D. Rhodes; 319th, 320th and 321st Regiments; 307th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—307th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—307th Battalion.
  • Division Units—319th Machine Gun Battalion.

3rd Army Corps

Major Gen. William M. Wright, Commanding.

3rd and 5th Divisions, Regular Army; 27th (New York) and 33rd (Illinois) Divisions, National Guard; 78th (Delaware and New York) and 80th (New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and District of Columbia) Divisions, National Army.

3rd Division

Major Gen. Joseph T. Dickman, commanding; Colonel Robert H. Kelton, Chief of Staff; Captain Frank L. Purndon, Adjutant General.

  • 5th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. F. W. Sladen; 4th and 7th Regiments; 8th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 8th Brigade, Infantry—(Commanding officer not announced); 30th and 38th Regiments; 9th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 3rd Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. W. M. Cruikshank; 10th, 76th and 18th Regiments; 3rd Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—6th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—5th Battalion.
  • Division Units—3rd Division Headquarters Troop; 7th Machine Gun Battalion.

5th Division

Major Gen. John E. McMahon, commanding; Colonel Ralph E. Ingram, Chief of Staff; Major David P. Wood, Adjutant General.

  • 9th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. J. C. Castner; 60th and 61st Regiments; 14th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 10th Brigade, Infantry—Major Gen. W. H. Gordon; 6th and nth Regiments; 15th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 5th Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. C. A. F. Flagler; 19th, 20th, and 21st Regiments; 5th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—7th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—9th Battalion.
  • Division Units—5th Division Headquarters Troop; 13th Machine Gun Battalion.

27th Division (New York)

Major Gen. J. F. O’Ryan, commanding; Lieut. Col. Stanley H. Ford, Chief of Staff; Lieut. Col. Frank W. Ward, Adjutant General.

  • 53rd Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Alfred W. Bjornstad; 105th and 106th Regiments; 105th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 54th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Palmer E. Pierce; 107th and 108th Regiments; 106th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 52nd Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. George A. Wingate; 104th, 105th and 106th Regiments; 102nd Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—102nd Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—102nd Battalion.
  • Division Units—27th Division Headquarters Troop; 104th Machine Gun Battalion.

33rd Division

Major Gen. George Bell, Jr., commanding; Colonel William K. Naylot, Chief of Staff; (Adjutant General not announced).

  • 65th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Edward L. King; 129th and 130th Regiments; 123rd Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 66th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Paul A. Wolff; 131st and 132nd Regiments; 124th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 58th Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. James A. Shipton; 122nd, 123rd and 124th Regiments; 108th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—108th Battalion.
  • Signal Troops—108th Battalion.
  • Division Units—33rd Division Headquarters Troop; 112th Machine Gun Battalion.

78th Division

Major Gen. James H. McRae, commanding; Lieut. Col. Harry N. Cootes; Chief of Staff; Major William T. MacMill, Adjutant General.

  • 155th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Mark L. Hersey; 309th and 310th Regiments; 308th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 156th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. James T. Dean; 311th and 312th Regiments; 309th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 153rd Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. Clint C. Hearn; 307th, 308th and 309th Regiments; 303rd Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—303rd Regiment
  • Signal Troop—303rd Battalion.
  • Division Units—78th Division Headquarters Troop; 307th Machine Gun Battalion.

80th Division

Major Gen. Adelbert Cronkhite, commanding; Lieut. Col. William H. Waldron, Chief of Staff; Major Steven C. Clark, Adjutant General.

  • 159th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. George H. Jamerson, 317th and 318th Regiments; 314th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 160th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Lloyd M. Bratt; 319th and 320th Regiments; 315th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 155th Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. Gordon G. Heiner; 313th, 314th and 315th Regiments; 305th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—305th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—305th Battalion.
  • Division Units-—80th Division Headquarters Troop; 313th Machine Gun Battalion.

4th Army Corps

Major Gen. George W. Read, Commanding.

83rd (Ohio and Pennsylvania), 89th (Kansas, Missouri South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona), 90th (Texas and Oklahoma), and 92nd (negro troops) Divisions, National Army; 37th (Ohio) and 29th (New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and District of Columbia) Divisions, National Guard.

29th Division

Major Gen. C. G. Morton, commanding; Colonel George S. Goodale, Chief of Staff; Major James A. Ulio, Adjutant General.

  • 57th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Charles W. Barber; 113th and 114th Regiments; 111th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 58th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. H. H. Bandholtz; 115th and 116th Regiments; 112th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 54th Brigade, Field Artillery—(Commanding officer not announced) 110th, 111th and 112th Regiments; 104th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—104th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—104th Battalion.
  • Division Units—29th Division Headquarters Troop; 110th Machine Gun Battalion.

37th Division

Major Gen. C. S. Farnsworth, commanding; Lieut. Col. Dana T. Merrill, Chief of Staff; Major Edward W. Wildrick, Adjutant General.

  • 73rd Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. C. F. Zimmerman; 145th and 146th Regiments; 135th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 74th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. W. P. Jackson; 147th and 148th Regiments; 136th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 62nd Brigade, Field Artillery—(Commanding officer not announced); 134th, 135th and 136th Regiments; 112th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—112th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—112th Battalion.
  • Division Units—37th Division Headquarters Troop; 134th Machine Gun Battalion.

83rd Division

Major Gen. E. F. Glenn, commanding; Lieut. Col. C. A. Trott, Chief of Staff; Major James L. Cochran, Adjutant General.

  • 165th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Ora E. Hunt; 329th and 330th Regiments; 323rd Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 166th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Malin Craig; 331st and 332nd Regiments; 324th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 158th Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. Adrian S. Fleming; 322nd, 323rd, and 324th Regiments; 308th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—308th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—308th Battalion.
  • Division Units—83rd Division Headquarters Troop; 322nd Machine Gun Battalion.

89th Division

Brig. Gen. Frank L. Winn, commanding; (Acting) Colonel C. E. Kilbourne, Chief of Staff; Major Jerome G. Pillow, Adjutant General.

  • 177th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Frank L. Winn; 353rd and 354th Regiments; 341st Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 178th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Thomas G. Hanson; 355th and 356th Regiments; 342nd Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 164th Brigade. Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. Edward T. Donnelly; 340th, 341st and 342nd Regiments; 314th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—314th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—314th Battalion.
  • Division Units-—89th Division Headquarters Troop; 340th Machine Gun Battalion.

90th Division

Major Gen. Henry T. Allen, commanding; Colonel John J. Kingman, Chief of Staff; Major Wyatt P. Selkirk, Adjutant General.

  • 179th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. John T. O’Neill; 357th and 358th Regiments; 344th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 180th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. W. H. Johnston; 359th and 360th Regiments; 345th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 165th Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. Francis C. Marshall; 343rd, 344th, and 345th Regiments; 315th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—315th Regiment
  • Signal Troops—315th Battalion.
  • Division Units—90th Division Headquarters Troop; 349th Machine Gun Battalion.

92nd Division

Major Gen. C. C. Ballou, commanding; Lieut. Col. Allen J. Greer, Chief of Staff; Major Sherburne Whipple, Adjutant General.

  • 183rd Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Malvern H. Bamum, 365th and 366th Regiments; 350th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 184th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. W. A. Hay; 367th and 368th Regiments; 351st Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 167th Brigade, Field Artillery—(Commanding officer not announced); 349th, 350th and 351st Regiments; 317th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—317th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—317th Battalion.
  • Division Units—92nd Division Headquarters Troop; 349th Machine Gun Battalion.

5th Army Corps

Major Gen. Omar Bundy, Commanding.

6th Division, Regular Army; 36th (Texas and Oklahoma) Division, National Guard; 75th (New England), 79th (Pennsylvania, Maryland and District of Columbia), 85th (Michigan and Wisconsin), and 91st (Washington, Oregon, Alaska, California, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming and Utah), Divisions, National Army.

6th Division

Brig. Gen. James B. Erwin, commanding; Colonel James M. Pickering, Chief of Staff; Lieut. Col. Robert S. Knox, Adjutant General.

  • 11th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. W. R. Dashiell; 51st and 52nd Regiments; 17th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 12th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. J. B. Erwin; 53rd and 54th Regiments; 18th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 6th Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. E. A. Millar; 3rd, 11th, and 78th Regiments; 6th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—318th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—6th Battalion.
  • Division Units—6th Division, Headquarters Troop; 16th Machine Gun Battalion.

36th Division

Major Gen. W. R. Smith, commanding; Colonel E. J. Williams, Chief of Staff; Major William R. Scott, Adjutant General.

  • 71st Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Henry Hutchings; 141st and 142nd Regiments; 132nd Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 72nd Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. John A. Hulen; 143rd and 144th Regiments; 133rd Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 61st Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. John A. Stevens; 131st, 132nd and 133rd Regiments, 111th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—111th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—111th Battalion.
  • Division Units—36th Division Headquarters Troop; 131st Machine Gun Battalion.

76th Division

Major Gen. Harry F. Hodges, commanding; (Chief of Staff not announced); Major George M. Peek, Adjutant General.

  • 151st Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Frank M. Albright; 301st and 302nd Regiments; 302nd Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 152nd Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. F. D. Evans; 303rd and 304th Regiments; 303rd Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 151st  Brigade, Field Artillery—Major Gen. William S. McNair; 301st, 302nd, and 303rd Regiments; 301st Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—301st Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—301st Battalion.
  • Division Units—76th Division Headquarters Troop; 301st Machine Gun Battalion.

79th Division

Major Gen. Joseph E. Kuhn, commanding; Colonel Tenny Ross, Chief of Staff; Major Charles B. Moore, Adjutant General.

  • 157th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. William L. Nicholson; 313th and 314th Regiments; 311th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 158th Brigade, Infantry—(Commanding officer not announced) ; 315th and 316th Regiments; 312th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 154th Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. Andrew Hero, Jr., 310th, 311th and 312th Regiments; 304th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—304th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—304th Battalion.
  • Division Units—79th Division Headquarters Troop; 310th Machine Gun Battalion.

85th Division

Major Gen. C. W. Kennedy, commanding; Colonel Edgar T. Collins, Chief of Staff; Lieut. Col. Clarence Lininger, Adjutant General.

  • 169th Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Thomas B. Dugan; 337th and 338th Regiments; 329th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 170th Brigade, Infantry—(Commanding officer not announced); 339th and 340th Regiments; 330th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 160th Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. Guy M. Preston; 328th, 329th and 330th Regiments; 310th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—310th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—310th Battalion.
  • Division Units—85th Division Headquarters Troop; 328th Machine Gun Battalion.

91st Division

Brig. Gen. F. H. Foltz, commanding; Colonel Herbert J. Brees, Chief of Staff; Major Frederick W. Manley, Adjutant General.

  • 181st Brigade. Infantry—Brig. Gen. John B. McDonald; 361st and 302nd Regiments; 347th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 182nd Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Frederick S. Foltz; 363rd and 364th Regiments ; 348th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 166th Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. Edward Burr; 346th, 347th and 348th Regiments; 316th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—316th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—316th Battalion.
  • Division Units—91st Division Headquarters Troop; 346th Machine Gun Battalion.

Unassigned to Corps

81st Division

Major Gen. C. J. Bailey, commanding; Colonel Charles D. Roberts, Chief of Staff; Major Arthur E. Ahrends, Adjutant General.

  • 161st Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. George W. Mclver; 321st and 322nd Regiments; 317th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 162nd Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. Monroe McFarland; 323rd and 324th Regiments; 318th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 156th Brigade, Field Artillery—Brig. Gen. Andrew Moses; 316th, 317th and 318th Regiments; 306th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—306th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—306th Battalion.
  • Division Units—81st Division Headquarters Troop; 316th Machine Gun Battalion.

93rd Division

(Commander not announced) ; Major Lee S. Tillotson, Adjutant General.

  • 185th Brigade. Infantry—(Commanding officer not announced); 369th and 370th Regiments; 333rd Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 186th  Brigade, Infantry—Brig. Gen. George H. Harries; 371st and 372nd Regiments; 334th Machine Gun Battalion.
  • 168th Brigade, Field Artillery—(Commanding officer not announced) ; 332nd, 333rd and 334th Regiments; 318th Trench Mortar Battery.
  • Engineer Troops—318th Regiment.
  • Signal Troops—318th Battalion.
  • Division Units—332nd Machine Gun Battalion.

Floyd Gibbons, "Appendix: Personnel of the American Expeditionary Forces in France," in "And They Thought We Wouldn't Fight," New York: George H. Doran Company, 1918, pp. 399-410.

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