1966 Navy Boot Camp Graduation Books

Recruit training is a sharp break between civilian and Navy life and is the fundamental element in any man's time in the Naval service. It is the keel of a career in your Navy.

Our collection of 1966 Navy Boot Camp Yearbooks Listing includes Company Commander(s), Date of Graduation (if reported), and the Number of Recruits Graduated. Additional information may consist of extras in the forms of photographs, programs, or personal certificates, etc. of one or more of the recruits from that class.

1966 Navy Boot Camp Yearbooks

Front Cover, Navy Boot Camp Book 1966 Company 237 The Anchor

1966 San Diego Company 237 Navy Boot Camp Book

  • Company Commander: A. J. Brinson, BR1
  • Men Graduated: 52
  • Graduation Date: Not Stated
  • Supplemental Content: Barracks Life,Recruits Inoculations, Recruits Get Haircuts, Recruits at Infantry Drill, Recruits at Inspection, Departing from Boot Camp, 9 to 5 Day and Officers Center, Group Photo of Company 66-237 Commander A. J. Brinson, BR1 and Petty Officers, 11 July 1966, Passing in Review.
  • Note: Images Contributed by Barry Maxted February 2012
Front Cover, Great Lakes USNTC "The Keel" 1966 Company 257.

1966 Great Lakes Company 257 Navy Boot Camp Book

  • Company Commander: F. Pisana, SM1
  • Men Graduated: 78
  • Graduation Date: 27 June 1966
  • Supplemental Content: Photos: Valentine Malafeew - American Spirit Honor Medal Winner; Donald Bruce Crawford - Honorman; and, Passing in Review.
1966 Company 573 Great Lakes US Naval Training Center Roster - The Keel

1966 Great Lakes Company 573 Navy Boot Camp Book

  • Company Commander: G. G. Wentz, BT1
  • Men Graduated: 76
  • Graduation Date: 8 December 1966
Front Cover, Great Lakes USNTC "The Keel" 1966 Company 658.

1966 Great Lakes Company 658 Navy Boot Camp Book

  • Company Commander: B. H. Barnes, GMGC
  • Men Graduated: 77
  • Graduation Date: 3 February 1967
  • Supplemental Content: Photograph - Honorman, Robert A. Vedder


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