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Atlanta, Georgia USA

USS San Francisco, USS Olympia, USS Kathdin, USS Atlanta 1898


USS SAN FRANCISCO—Unarmored Protected Cruiser

Photograph: USS San Francisco : Unarmored Protected Cruiser.

Length 310 feet. Breadth 49 1/6 feet. Mean draft 18 3/4 feet. Displacement 4,098 tons. Speed 19.525 knots per hour. Personnel 33 officers. 350 men. Cost $1,428,000.

Protected cruiser. Twin-screw. Commissioned November 15, 1890. Length, 310 feet; breadth, 49 feet, 2 inches; draft, 18 feet, 9 inches; displacement, 4,098 tons. Speed, 19 1/2 knots. Main battery, twelve 6-inch breech-loading rifles. Secondary battery, four 8-pounder, four 3-pounder, two 1-pounder rapid-fire guns, three 37-millimeter Hotchkiss revolving canons, and four Gatlings. The thickness of the protective deck, 3 inches on the slopes and 2 inches on the flat. Thirty-three officers, 350 men. Cost, $1.428.000.


USS Olympia : Unarmored Protected Cruiser

Photograph: USS Olympia : Unarmored Protected Cruiser.

Length 340 feet. Breadth 53 feet, 5/8 inch. Mean draft 211 feet. Displacement 5,870 tons. Speed 21.686 knots per hour. Personnel 34 officers. 416 men. Cost $1,796,000.


USS Kathdin : Harbor Defense Armored Ram

Photograph: USS Kathdin : Harbor Defense Armored Ram.

Length 250 feet, 9 inches. Breadth 43 feet, 5 inches. Mean draft 15 feet. Displacement 2,155 tons. Speed 16.11 knots per hour. Personnel 7 officers. 90 men. Cost $930,000.


USS Atlanta : Unarmored Protected Cruiser

Photograph: USS Atlanta : Unarmored Protected Cruiser.

Length 271 1/4 feet. Breadth 42 feet, 1 3/4 inches. Mean draft 16 feet, 10 inches. Displacement 3,000 tons. Speed 15.60 knots per hour. Personnel 19 officers. 259 men. Cost $617,000.

Protected cruiser. Single screw. Commissioned July 19, 1886. Length, 271 feet, 3 inches; breadth, 42 feet, 1 1/2 inches; draft, 16 feet, 10 inches; displacement, 3,000 tons; speed, 15 1/2 knots. Main battery, six 6-inch, and two 8-inch breech-loading rifles. Secondary battery, two 6-pounder, two 3-pounder, four 1-pounder rapid-fire guns, two 47-millimeter Hotchkiss revolving cannons, and two Gatlings. The thickness of the protective deck, 1 1/2 inches on the slope and flat. Nineteen officers; 265 men. Contract price. $617,000.

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