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Atlanta, Georgia USA

USS Maine, USS Brooklyn, USS New York, USS Minneapolis 1898


USS MAINE—Armored Battle Ship of Second Class

Photograph: USS Maine : Armored Battle Ship of Second Class.

Disposition: Destroyed in harbor of Havana, Cuba, February 15, 1898.


USS BROOKLYN—Armored Cruiser.

Photograph: USS Brooklyn : Armored Cruiser.

Length 400 1/2 feet. Breadth 64 feet, 8 1/4 inches. Mean draft 24 feet. Displacement 9,215 tons. Speed 21.91 knots per hour. Personnel 46 officers. 476 men. Cost $2,986,000.


USS NEW YORK—Armored Cruiser.

Photograph: USS New York : Armored Cruiser.

Length 380 feet, 6% inches. Breadth 64 feet, 10 inches. Mean draft 23 feet, 3% inches. Displacement 8,200 tons. Speed 21 knots per hour. Personnel 40 officers. 516 men. Cost $2,985,000


USS MINNEAPOLIS--Unarmored Protected Cruiser

Photograph: USS Minneapolis : Unarmored Protected Cruiser.

Length 412 feet. Breadth 5S feet, 24 inches. Mean draft 22 feet, 61 inches. Displacement 7,375 tons. Speed 23.073 knots per hour. Personnel 30 officers. 447 men. Cost $2,690,000.

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