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Camp Pike - Base Hospital Surgical Ward - 1917

Photograph of the Camp Pike Base Hospital Surgical Ward, ca 1917

Photograph of the Camp Pike Base Hospital Surgical Ward, ca 1917

Around on Cross street, forming the cantonment's backyard of hundreds of acres and situated at the middle of the backyard line, is the base hospital.  There will go the sons of many mothers, who are wondering how the boys are getting on, and there they will be cared for as good as modern medical and surgical practices can be made to care for them.

The base hospital has a row of administrative buildings down its center.  Around three sides of the general rectangle are the wards and connecting them closed in and windowed sides and exactly four and one-third miles of "causeways," to provide for handling patients on roller stretchers and on roller chairs.  Up hill and down dale these 10 foot-wide tunnels run.  They are all steam heated and not the least feature of their design was demanded by the ventilating engineer.

There are no stairways or steps at the base hospital.  It is built for "rollers."  There are 32 wards, each a separate hospital, that can be isolated if necessary.  There are numerous shops for shoemakers, tailors, blacksmith, auto mechanics, who keep the hospitals' dozen ambulances going.  There is the power house with its steam plant, of eight boilers, the largest steam heating plant in Arkansas, and over in one corner there is a small insane asylum.

The only scarce thing at that hospital now is patients.  There are only a few, and most of the cases are workmen of the Stewart company, injured in the bustle of winding up the building of the place.  All the latest inventions and appliances of modern medical science are incorporated.

Excerpt from the "Trench and Camp", Camp Pike, 22 October 1917, Page 4.


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