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Camp Dix Pictorial Review Ads - 1917-1918

Ad - Rumsey Electric Company

Ad - Rumsey Electric Company
Camp Dix Pictorial Review, November 1917, p. 19


A New Service to the Men in Camp and Co-operation with Merchants Who Are Just and Fair in All Their Dealings

The publisher guarantees every merchant advertising in the columns of this publication to be a reputable concern, one who does not overcharge, and all goods are as represented.

The publisher does not care to have any advertiser whose integrity may in any way be questioned and has amply assured himself that every advertiser represented is a merchant of standing in the first place.

This is going a step further than usual. Some merchants have overcharged, others have sold seconds as firsts; such merchants are not advertised in these pages.

We positively guarantee to make good any purchase made from one of our advertisers if it is misrepresented in any way or, if purchased from a local branch house, a higher price has been charged than prevails in their Philadelphia, Trenton or New York stores.

We guarantee that their prices are fair and just, and on the average, no higher than the goods can be bought in the general retail market. We have fully satisfied ourselves that none of our advertisers will give us any occasion to be called upon to satisfy this guarantee, but in case of any dissatisfaction, the guarantee is your full protection.

It must be remembered that bargain sales, where the merchant finds himself overstocked with a certain kind of goods and wishes to sell out at a price below his cost plus overhead charges, or is cutting a line for advertising purposes, such instances are not to be considered as a basis of comparison for fair prices, and that our advertisers are not expected to meet such prices.

Again, there is a class of city merchants who regularly sell a number of well-known branded goods, such as bromo-seltzer, in a drug store, at a very low price as a “leader,” overcoming the loss on such featured lines by adding an extra profit to other lines.

We are not asking our advertisers to meet cut rates. We demand, however, that they in no case charge more than the standard advertised price for standard goods, plus war tax, if any.

Merchandising is the same everywhere; the capable merchant looks to a large trade at a fair profit. Review advertisers are in that class.

When you buy from an advertiser in the Review you are sure of a fair price, good service and satisfaction.

Ad for the Camp Dix News - Subscribe for $2.00 per Year

Ad for the Camp Dix News - Subscribe for $2.00 per Year
ibid, p. 20

Ad - The Hottel Co. of Trenton

Ad - The Hottel Co. of Trenton
ibid, p. 21

Ad - Washington Inn

Ad - Washington Inn, ibid, p. 21

Ad - J. S. Thorn Co.

Ad - J. S. Thorn Co., ibid, p. 22

Ad - David Lupton's Sons Co.

Ad - David Lupton's Sons Co., ibid, p. 22

Ad - The Rexall Store

Ad - The Rexall Store, ibid, p. 22

Ad - Armour & Company

Ad - Armour & Company, ibid, p. 23

Ad - Frank H. Steward Electric Co

Ad - Frank H. Steward Electric Co., ibid, p. 24

Ad - Lit Brothers

Ad - Lit Brothers, ibid, p.24

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