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Camp Devens - Officers - Second Company, Infantry - 1918


CAPTAIN ROBERT CYRUS BOOTH, Commanding • Company. • Born at Plattsburg, N. Y., July 21, 1894. Single. Yale, B.A., 1916. One year at Albany Law School. Practised law with Booth and Booth at Plattsburg, N. Y. Sergeant in Business Men's Training Camp at Plattsburg, 1916. Private San. Detach., 10th Conn. M. F. A., 1916. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant U. S. R. in November, 1916. 2nd Lieutenant at the First Plattsburg Camp. Promoted to Captain August 15, 1917. Instructor of 6th Company, Second Plattsburg Camp. Assigned to 303rd Infantry, Camp Devens, Mass.

FIRST LIEUTENANT CLARENCE BERNARD MACNEIL, Assistant Instructor. Born at Boston, Mass., November 9, 1886. Married. Studied law three years La Salle University. With Department of Justice and U. S. Treasury, Washington, D. C., eight years. With U. S. Engineers 1904 to 1909. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant at First Plattsburg Camp, August 15, 1917. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant December 31, 1917.

FIRST LIEUTENANT JOHN ALOYSIUS McCARTY, Assistant Instructor. Born at Waltham, Mass., June 17, 1895. Single. Boston College, A.B., 1917. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant at First Plattsburg Camp, August 15, 1917. Course at Fort Sill School of Infantry Arms. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant, December 31, 1917.

SECOND LIEUTENANT EVERETT ROWE COLLINGE, Assistant Instructor. Born at Lonsdale, R. I., January 6, 1894. Single. Rhode Island School of Design. Architect and construction contractor with Robert T. Collins and Son, of Providence, R. I. Sergeant and First Class Observer, with the R. I. National Guard, Coast Artillery, three years. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant at First Plattsburg Camp, August 15, 1917.

Total Enrollment at commencing of Course, 152. Commissioned during Course:
Booth, George M.
Dunham, Atwood P. Jan. 27, 1918, 2nd Lieutenant Engineers (Tank Service) Nugent, William P.
Dean, Harold R.
Mitchell, LeRoy B. Mar. 5, 1918, 2nd Lieutenant Engineers (Tank Service) Naedele, Theodore C
Barclay, Frank D.
Day, Warner B. Mar. 11, 1918, 2nd Lieutenant Engineers (Tank Service)
Crosby, Thomas W.
Woodward, Harry J.
Average Height, 5 feet 9 inches. Average Weight, 159 pounds.
Average Age, 25 years, 11 months. Married, 16; Single, 136.
Previous Occupations: Students, 24; Engineers, 21; Teachers, 3; Farmers, 6; Business (unclassified), 98.

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Third Officers Training Camp - Camp Devens 1918

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