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Forging the Sword: The Story of Camp Devens

Forging the Sword: The Story of Camp Devens by William J. Robinson. Printed by the Rumford Press, Concord, NH 1920

Camp Devens was to New England what Plattsburgh was to New York. A Goodly number of our New York men were trained there. The author who was the Boston Globe correpondent at the camp has told the story in very readable form.

It has the newspaper quality of touching on the highlights. Much of the material had already appeared in substance in the columns of the Boston Globe which took great pride in this New England camp and publihed nearly thee quarters of a million words of news regarding the troops at Camp Devens alone. In this respect New England as usual outsrips our other localities. She certainly takes care of her own when it comes ot writing history.

The 76th Divsion was organized and trained at Camp Devens and after it was sent abroad, the camp was made the center for training the 12th Division. After the war was over, Camp Devens was busy as a demobilization center. The account of the work of demobilizing is one of the most grapic in the book and then as the author says the camp "was turned from a busy city to an almost deserted village".

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