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Camp Devens - The Divisional Headquarters - WW1 Cantonment 1918

This building is the military center of the camp, and the headquarters of the 76th division. Here are the offices of the commanding general and his staff, and the headquarters of the principal administrative departments of the camp.

The officers who comprise the staff and "make the wheels go round" at Ayer are :

  • Major-General Harry Foote Hodges, Division Commander
  • Lieutenant W. W. Cowgill, Aide-de-Camp
  • Lieutenant-Colonel M. B. Stewart, Chief of Staff
  • Major J. M. Wainwright, Assistant Chief of Staff
  • Captain Arthur F. Brown, Assistant Chief of Staff
  • Major Harry L. Hodges, Division Adjutant
  • Captain T. E. Burleigh, Assistant Division Adjutant
  • Lieutenant-Colonel D. M. Dalton, Division Quartermaster
  • Major A. M. Pardee, Division Inspector
  • Lieutenant-Colonel E. K. Masse, Division Judge Advocate
  • Major G. M. Peek, Division Ordnance Officer
  • Colonel F. A. Pope, Division Engineer Officer
  • Major Chas. A. Lewis, Division Signal Officer
  • Lieutenant-Colonel John W. Harmer, Division Surgeon
  • Major J. L. Siner, Division Sanitary Officer
  • Captain A. E. Foote, Division Post Exchange Officer

These officers are the experts of their branches of the service and it is through them that all orders and memoranda are promulgated and distributed to the various departments of the camp.

The headquarters is on a high hill about a half-mile from the main entrance. The flag on its tall pole, the largest banner in the camp, is visible from nearly every part of the cantonment.

The interior of the building reminds one of the offices of a big corporation. Orderlies are running to and fro, bringing in reports, or taking out memoranda to be quickly distributed by motor-cycle riders.

The doors in the front of the building open into the administrative offices, which are equipped with desks and office-chairs, and are literally filled with official documents; the walls of the rooms are covered with maps, notices and typo graphed memoranda.

The Divisional Headquarters, 76th Division

Photo: The Divisional Headquarters, 76th Division at Camp Devens

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