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Camp Devens - Camp Institutions - WW1 Cantonment 1918

Photo 1: Divisional Headquarters - 301st Infantry - Camp Devens

Photo 1: Divisional Headquarters - 301st Infantry - Camp Devens

This picture shows the administrative building from the side facing the 30 st Infantry barracks. In the rear of the headquarters are the barracks of the Headquarters Troop, the only troop in camp. It is generally reputed to be the "crack unit" of the cantonment. As one of the members said to me not long ago:

"Why, I'd rather be right where I am, a private of the troop, than in the boots of any `shave-tail' lieutenant in the cantonment."

Photo 2: A Typical Officers' Quarters Building at Camp Devens

Photo 2: A Typical Officers' Quarters Building at Camp Devens

The officers' quarters are ordinarily in a line behind the barracks of the organization to which their occupants are assigned. They are about sixty feet long and their capacity, at the most, is thirty officers; few of them have this number, however. Majors and captains have private rooms, while the lieutenants bunk two in a compartment.

At the extreme end of the quarters (in this case, at the left) is the officers' mess and the kitchen. The officers are required to provide for their food from their pay; cooks and waiters, — called kitchen police — are assigned from the enlisted men of the battalion. Other orderlies clean the quarters, make the beds and keep in condition the equipment of their superiors.

Heaquarters, Base Hospital - Camp Devens

Photo 3: Headquarters, Base Hospital - Camp Devens

The base hospital is in the rear of the camp, and is completely isolated from the other organizations. It consists of an administrative building, and long rows of hospital barracks for the patients. Certain houses, apart from the main group, are intended for such contagious diseases as may occur from time to time.

On an average, eight hundred men are treated at the hospital every day. This number does not betoken an alarming percentage of illness, as every man with the slightest disorder or complaint is sent to the base, and many are found to be afflicted by trivial or by imaginary indispositions; it would be difficult to find a civil community of 30,000 people, each individual leading an active life, with only Bo0 in imperfect physical condition.

Barracks, Base Hospital - Camp Devens

Photo 4: Barracks, Base Hospital - Camp Devens

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