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Passage Tickets & Contracts - 1940s-1950s

All Passage Contracts & Tickets for the 1940s-1950s available at the GG Archives. These unique contracts represent primary source documents of the voyage of many immigrants. Our collection includes a variety of types and classes and provides an invaluable account of the cost of passage.

Oceanic Steamship Company One Way Cabin Class Contract Ticket for Passage on the SS Marine Phoenix, Departing from San Francisco for Sydney, Dated 16 September 1947.

1947-09-16 Cabin Class Ticket - SS Marine Phoenix - Sydney to San Francisco

Unique cabin class passage ticket Sydney to San Francisco on USN troop transport Marine Phoenix leased by the Oceanic Steamship Company and Operated by Matson Navigation Company for this and other voyages during 1947-1949.

Orient Line First Class Passage Ticket for Passage on the SS Orion, Departing from Sydney for Tilbury Dated 7 February 1948.

1948-02-07 First Class Passage Ticket Sydney to Southampton

First Class Ticket for Passage from Sydney to Southampton on the SS Orion of the Orient Line, voyage to being on or about the 7th of February 1948 for one adult who paid £115 for passage.

Passenger's Receipt and Copy of the Transportation Contract, American Export Lines, Agents for Italia S.A.N. Genoa

1948-04-27 Passage Contract -- Alexandria to New York -- SS Vulcania

Passage Receipt and transportation contract for passage on the SS Vulcania of the Italia Line sailing 1 May 1948 from Alexandria to New York for a 24-year-old American male from Dallas, Texas. American Export Line was acting as a general agent of Italia S.A.N., Genoa.

Swedish American Line Prepaid Tourist Class Westbound Passage Ticket, Departing from Bremerhaven for New York, Dated 13 November 1951.

1951-11-13 Prepaid Passage Ticket -- Bremerhaven to New York - MS Gripsholm

Prepaid Tourist Class Passage Ticket dated 13 November 1951 for German Immigrant, Departing from Bremerhaven on 24 February 1952 and arriving in New York on 6 March 1962 on the MS Gripsholm of the Swedish American Line. Toral Fare was $193.00 Including $8 Head Tax.

Front Side, Cunard Line Tourist Class Passage Ticket for Passage on the RMS Queen Mary, Departing from New York for Southampton Dated 7 February 1953.

1953-02-07 Tourist Class Passage Ticket -- New York to Southampton -- RMS Queen Mary

Tourist Class passage ticket on the Cunard Line RMS Queen Mary, sailing from New York for Southampton on 7 February 1953 on Pier 90, North River where passengers embarked between 8:30 and 11:30 am for this voyage.

Front Cover, Eastbound Passage Contract No. E 4699 from the Norwegian America Line dated 29 June 1953

1953-07-14 First Class Passage Contract SS Stavangerfjord

First Class Eastbound passage contract on the Norwegian America Line SS Stavangerfjord sailing on 14 July 1953. Ticket was purchased with the Westbound return passage on the SS Oslofjord sailing on 9 September 1953.

SITMAR Passage Contract Ticket for Passage on the SS Castel Felice, Departing from Le Havre to New York Dated 1 September 1956.

1956-09-01 Passage Contract -- Le Havre to New York -- SS Castel Felice

Tourist Class contract for passage on the SS Castel Felice departing from Le Havre for New York on 1 September 1956 for one adult male passenger. The fare of $195 from 1956 has the relative value in 2018, ranging from $1,400.00 to $8,930.00.


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