Passage Tickets & Contracts - 1920s

All Passage Contracts & Tickets for the 1920s available at the GG Archives. These unique contracts represent primary source documents of the voyage of many immigrants. Our collection includes a variety of types and classes and provides an invaluable account of the cost of passage.

Passengers' Contract Ticket, SS Euripides, Aberdeen Line of Steamships, 1921

1921-05-21 Steamer Contract Ticket - Aberdeen Line

Steamship contract ticket for Third Class Passage on a voyage of the SS Euripides of the Aberdeen Line from Melbourne, Australia to London departing on 21 May 1921.

Third Class Outward Passage Ticket - SS Mount Clinton, United American Lines (1921)

1921-05-26 Third Class Ticket - United American Lines

Rare Outward Bound (eastward) Passenger Steamship Ticket for Third Class accommodations on the SS Mount Clinton of the United American Lines on her maiden voyage to Hamburg, Germany.

Front Side, Passenger Manifest, United States Mail Steamship Company, SS Hudson, 1921
Reverse Side, Passenger Manifest, United States Mail Steamship Company, SS Hudson, 1921

1921-06-22 Passenger Contract and Manifest - SS Hudson

Rare Passenger Manifest / Passage Contract for the 22 June 1922 Voyage on board the SS Hudson of the United States Mail Steamship Company, Inc. from Bremen to New York for Yugoslavian Immigrant Theresia Floc and Daughter.

Third Class (Steerage) Passengers' Contract Ticket, P. & O. Line, 1921

1921-08-18 Third Class (Steerage) Contract - P. & O. Line

Third Class (Steerage Passengers' Contract Ticket for The Stevens Family of Four sailing on the P. & O. Line SS Commonwealth from the Port of London to Melbourne, Australia dated 18 August 1921.

Contract for Third Class/Steerage Passage - 1921

1921-09-17 Contract for Third Class/Steerage Passage on the SS George Washington

Contract for third class/steerage passage on the SS George Washington by a German Immigrant on 17 September 1921, sailing from Bremen to New York.

Prepaid Passage Ticket, Polish Immigrant, United States Lines, 1922

1922-09-15 Prepaid Passage - Polish Immigrant

Prepaid Ticket and Contract for Polish Immigrant from Bremen to Chicago IL on the United States Lines. Ticket included Train to Chicago and Transatlantic Ocean Fare in the Cabin Class.

Prepaid Certificate for Second Class Passage - Royal Mail Steam Packet Company - 1923

1923-01-27 Prepaid Passage Certificate - Royal Mail Steam Packet Company

Very rare prepaid certificate for second class passage on the RMS Reliance of RMSP. The passage for the 18 year old German immigrant girl was paid for by a relative, Bernhard Mayer, who immigrated in 1892.

Second Class Prepaid Passage Ticket - Polish Immigrant Girl (1923)

1923-12-11 Prepaid Steamship Ticket - Polish Immigrant Girl

Janina Kozlowski was a 13 Year-Old Polish Immigrant girl traveling from Antwerp to New York on the SS Zeeland who arrived in New York on 10 November 1923. If you look under Terms of Contract, #16 prohibits children under 16 traveling alone.

Passenger Manifest - Fahrkarte - Front View
Passenger Manifest - Fahrkarte - Front View

1925-08-15 Passenger Manifest and Contract - SS Bremen

Passenger Manifest - Tourist Cabin, SS Bremen, 15 August 1925 for Rosa Brise, age 50, a Citizen of the United States.

Hambrug-Amerika Third Class Passenger Contract 1927

1927-09-16 Dampferfahrkartenvertrag - Hamburg nach New York

Deutscher Vertrag über das Dampfflugzeug der dritten Klasse an Bord der SS New York der Hamburg-Amerika-Linie im Jahr 1927. Die Unterschrift des Passagiers ist schwer zu lesen. See the entry below for the English Translation.

Hambrug-Amerika Third Class Passenger Contract 1927

1927-09-16 Passenger Contract - Hamburg-America Line

Emma Muessigbrodt, a 37 year-old German woman traveling from Hamburg to New York on the Hamburg America Line. She travelled in the Third Class. (English translation)

Navigazione Generale Italiana Second Class Passage Contract for Passage on the SS Roma, Departing from Naples to New York Dated 18 September 1928.

1928-09-28 Second Class Passage Contract - SS Roma - Italian Immigrant

Italian Immigrant was one of the 4,000 Quota immigrants from Italy in 1928 under the Immigration Act of 1924. The contract is stamped "Quota" in large letters. Second Class passage contract from Naples to New York on the SS Roma of the Navigazione Generale Italiana Line.

Steamship Ticket, Third Class, United States Lines - 1928

1928-10-03 Passenger Ticket - SS George Washington

Third Class Passenger Ticket for a German national for a transatlantic voyage from Bremen, Germany to New York on 3 October 1928. The contract was written in both German and English.


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