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Passage Tickets & Contracts - 1910s

All Passage Contracts & Tickets for the 1910s available at the GG Archives. These unique contracts represent primary source documents of the voyage of many immigrants. Our collection includes a variety of types and classes and provides an invaluable account of the cost of passage.

Ticket Recipt for Third Class Passage, Cunard Line, Westbound 1910

1910-06-04 Ticket Receipt for Third Class Passage - Cunard Line

Memorandum of a Ticket Issued By The Cunard Steam Ship Co. Ltd. For Third Class Passage By Cunard Line of Mail Steamers From Liverpool or Queenstown to New York or Boston Or From Fiume or Trieste to New York.

1910 Passage Contract for Italian Immigrant

1910-10-12 Contract for Passage - Italian Immigrant

Third Class Passage contract for a 38 year old Italian immigrant from Aoste, Italy for a voyage to the United States in October 1910 on the SS Chicago of the CGT French Line. The contract was written by a Swiss Agency (Zwilchenbart) and is entirely in French with an English translation following each part.

Passenger's Contract Ticket, Colonial Service, White Star Line, Australia to London 1910

1910-12-20 Contract Ticket - 3rd Class - White Star Line

Extraordinarily rare Third Class Passenger's Contract Ticket for a voyage on the SS Persic of the White Star Line from Sydney to Melbourne, Australia.

1912 Steerage Prepaid Passage Contract Recipt - Font Side

1912-01-13 Prepaid Steerage Contract - Hamburg America Line

Colorful Receipt for the purchase of passage from Hamburg to New York via the Hamburg America Line with inland passage to McFreesport, Pennsylvania dated 13 January 1913.

Anchor Line Steamship Ticket Receipt 1912

1912-05-06 Steamship Agent's Receipt - Second Cabin

Issued by the New York Office of the Anchor Line Steamships Company, this Second Cabin Ticket receipt was purchased by Jessie Clerihew for a voyage on the SS California on 18 May, 1912 from New York to Glasgow, Scotland.

Agent's Record, Cunard Steamship Company, Outward Second Cabin Ticket, 1912

1912-06-03 Agent's Record - Cunard Steamship Company

This is the Agent's Receipt and Record of a Second Cabin Steamship Ticket for an Eastbound voyage on the new Cunard Laconia from Boston to Liverpool, England. The Agency was located in Boston, Cunard Building on 126 State Street.

Immigrant 3rd Class Steamship Ticket - 1912 - Red Star Line

1912-08-10 Third (Steerage) Class Ticket - Red Star Line

Well-preserved original steamship ticket for a voyage undertaken on 10 August 1912 undertaken by a 24 Year Old Immigrant who left Belgium in 1912 for New York.

Agent Record of Third Class Outward Steamship Ticket, 1912, Cunard Line SS Laconia

1912-08-10 Agent's Record - Cunard SS Laconia

This is an Agent's Record of a Third Class -Steerage Ticket for one adult and one child from Liverpool, England to New York on the Cunard Steamship SS Laconia. Additional information and conversion to current dollar values is provided.

Receipt for Steerage Passage - Great Western Railway 1912

1912-08-14 Receipt for Steerage Passage - Great Western Railway

Very rare receipt for Emigrant Tickets purchased for travel on the Great Western Railway from F. C. Cooper & Co., Stourbridge, for Steerage Passengers Mr. & Mrs. Asbury from Kidderminster to Paddington Station in London to board the RMS Arawa bound for New Zealand.

Deck Class Steamship Ticket, Union-Castle Line, RMS Dunvegan Castle 1912 -Front

1912-11-15 Deck Class Ticket - RMS Dunvegan Castle

Rare Deck Class Steamship Ticket of the Union Castle Line for passage from Port Said to Delogoa Bay on the RMS Dunvegan Castle dated 15 November 1912.

Agents' Record, Third Class Outward Passenger Ticket, Cunard Line 1913

1913-05-13 Agents' Record - Cunard Line Third Class

Third Class Outward Passenger Ticket - Agents' Record for the Cunard RMS Laconia, May 13, 1913. Fare was $35. Ticket along with Agent's record would have been kept in a two-hole extra-long binder.

Third Class Prepaid Ticket - Agents Record, RMS Laconia 1913

1913-06-03 Prepaid Ticket Agents Record - RMS Laconia

Third Class Prepaid Ticket - Agents Record, RMS Laconia 1913 from Liverpool to Boston. Itemized transaction shows fare and commision breakdown. Fare was paid by a third party.

Immigrant Steerage Contract for Passage to New York - Cunard Line - 1913

1913-06-05 Contract for Passage - Norwegian Immigrant

Ludvig Gjønvik was a Norwegian Immigrant to the United States in June 1913 arriving in Boston on board the RMS Laconia (I) as a passenger in Steerage - Third Class. This is the contract of passage that Ludvig purchased from Olaf H. Solem.

Contract for a Swedish immigrant from Gothenburg to Boston in 1914

1914-04-10 Steerage Ticket - Swedish Immigrant

1914 Passenger Contract for a voyage from Gothenburg, Sweden to Boston, Massachusetts for Alfred Person, 19 years of age, traveling alone. He paid SEK 178.50 for Steerage / third class accommodations.

Westbound Ticket Order - Second Cabin - 8 July 1914

1914-07-08 Westbound Ticket Order - Second Cabin

Westbound Ticket Order dated 8 July 1914 from the Donaldson Line for Second Cabin Passenger Miss Ruth Immel, departing on the SS Cassandra from Glasgow to Montreal, Issued by C.V. Dasey & Son, Boston.

Fabre Line Third Class Passage Contract for the SS Patria, Departing from New York to Naples Dated 2 August 1915.

1915-09-02 Third Class Passage Contract - Fabre Line

Fabre Line Third Class Passage Contract for the SS Patria, Departing from New York to Naples Dated 2 September 1915. Boarding pass for 3rd class seats From New York to Naples With the "Patria" French flag steam (size, speed and duration of the trip as above), departing on 2/9 1915, for Naples.


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