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Passage Tickets & Contracts - 1900s

All Passage Contracts & Tickets For the 1900s Available at the GG Archives. These unique contracts represent primary source documents of the voyage of many immigrants. Our collection includes a variety of types and classes and provides an invaluable account of the cost of passage.

White Star Line Steamship Contract - Swedish Immigrant - 1902

1902-11-14 Passenger Contract - Gothenburg to New York

Original Steamship Contract from Gothenburg, Sweden to New York, 3rd Class Steerage Immigrant Ester Hilma Maria Magnuson of Stockholm on the White Star Line. Included the detachable receipt located on the right hand side (panel).

Prepaid Passage Certificate - Third Class - 1903

1903-06-08 Prepaid Passage Certificate - Anchor Line 3rd Class

Prepaid Passage Certificate for a family of three from Northern Ireland in 1903. They arrived in New York in August 1903 aboard the Anchor Line SS Columbia.

Passenger Contract, Hamburg Amerika Line, Breitmann Family 1904

1904-07-06 Steamship Contract - Hamburg American Line

Original steamship contract dated 6 July 1904 Between the Hamburg America Line and The Breitmann Family consisting of two adults and four children of Russian Hebrew descent, for third class passage from Hamburg to New York aboard the SS Hamburg.

Steamship Ticket  Record (1904) Union-Castle Line

1904-10-08 Steamship Ticket Record - Union-Castle Line

A detached counterpart to a Steerage Passenger's Contract Ticket for passage on the RMS Arundale Castle of the Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company, Limited. Voyage was from Southampton to Cape Town departing on 1904-10-08.

Contract for Passage, Cunard Line, Copenhagen to America 1905

1905-03-11 Contract for Passage - Copenhagen to New York

Passenger Contract for Jens Julius Skafte of Denmark for a 1905 voyage to America on the Cunard Line. The contract indicated that he was headed for Albert Lea, Minnesota as his final destination.

Steerage Passenger's Contract Ticket, Union-Castle Steamship Co. 1906

1906-11-12 Steerage Contract Ticket - Southampton to Natal

Extraordinary original Steerage Passenger's Contract Ticket for a 27 year old man from Southampton, England for passage to Natal, South Africa in 1906. It provides rich details of the requirements of the steamship company in terms of food, water and other items supplied during the journey.

Eastward Passage Ticket, Allan Line, 1907, Boston to Londonderry

1907-07-20 Agent's Record - Boston to Londonderry

Agent's Record of a Passenger Ticket for a 23-year-old woman booked on the Allan Line Steamship Laurentian in 3rd Class from Boston to Londonderry leaving on 26 July 1907. The transaction was recorded and includes the amount of commission earned on this ticket.

Counterpart to Third Class Passage Ticket (1907

1907-09-16 Counterpart to Third Class Passage Ticket

Third Class Counterpart Passage Ticket Issued to F. R. Peverall by the Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company on 16 September 1907 for Third Class passage on the SS Garka from Cape Town to England. Cost of the Ticket was £10:10:0. Includes Contract Terms and Conditions and Notice to Passengers.

Steerage Prepaid Passage Contract, German Immigrant Family, 20 November 1907

1907-11-20 Prepaid Steerage Contract - German Immigrant Family

Steerage Prepaid Passage Contract issued by the Hamburg America Line on 20 November 1907 for passage from Hamburg, Germany to New York and a Train from New York to Ellsworth, Minnesota for a German Immigrant Family.


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