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Cabin Class Passage Contracts & Tickets

All Cabin Class Passage Contracts & Tickets available at the GG Archives. These unique contracts represent primary source documents of the voyage of many immigrants. Our collection includes a variety of types and classes and provides an invaluable account of the cost of passage.

Cabin Passenger's Contract Ticket 1867 - Australia to London

1867-05-11 Cabin Passenger’s Contract Ticket - Australia to London

This contract was intended for First Class passage on the SS Reigate of the Surrey Steamship Company, a 3-mast, full-rigged ship built in 1862 weighing 1,035 tons. The cost of the voyage from Melbourne to London was £85, over £7,150 in today's currency.

Prepaid Passage Ticket, Polish Immigrant, United States Lines, 1922

1922-09-15 Prepaid Passage - Polish Immigrant

Prepaid Ticket and Contract for Polish Immigrant from Bremen to Chicago IL on the United States Lines. Ticket included Train to Chicago and Transatlantic Ocean Fare in the Cabin Class.

Hamburg America Line Receipt For $50 Part-Payment for Cabin Class Passage on the SS St Louis

1933-04-28 Receipt for Partial Payment for Passage - New York to Hamburg

Receipt for partial payment for a party of four for passage from New York to Hamburg on the SS St. Louis of the Hamburg America Line dated 28 April 1933. Fare for Each Adult was $143.00 Plus Tax for a cabin class berth.

Oceanic Steamship Company One Way Cabin Class Contract Ticket for Passage on the SS Marine Phoenix, Departing from San Francisco for Sydney, Dated 16 September 1947.

1947-09-16 Cabin Class Ticket - SS Marine Phoenix - Sydney to San Francisco

Unique cabin class passage ticket Sydney to San Francisco on USN troop transport Marine Phoenix leased by the Oceanic Steamship Company and Operated by Matson Navigation Company for this and other voyages during 1947-1949.


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