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Atlanta, Georgia USA

Prepaid Steamship Ticket Memorandum - 1898

Prepaid Steamship Ticket - Second Cabin - American Line 1898

This receipt was prepared by the ticket agent and represent the left side of the prepaid steamship passage contract that would have been forwarded to the immigrants named in the contract.

No. 56559
To be kept by Purchaser.

Buffalo, NY

Date issued November 11, 1898

  1. Lloyd E. Brown
  2. Leslie D. Brown

Bought By: M. D. Lloyd

17 Glenwood Ave

City (Presumed to be Buffalo, New York)

Amount of Ocean Fare: $ 88.00

Amount of Inland Fare: $ 0

Total, $88.00

Should the passenger refuse to come out, within the specified time for which the Certificate is available, the Company will refund the amount paid, less 10 per cent. discount, on the production of this Memorandum, together with the corresponding Certificate of passage.

Money forwarded to INTERNATIONAL NAVIGATION COMPANY, 6 Bowling Green, New York, for the use of the passenger on arrival, will be delivered on application and identification.

Relative Cost of Passage Ticket in Today's Currency Value

In 2013, the relative value of $88.00 from 1898 ranges from $2,150.00 to $80,800.00.

In 2013, the relative worth of $88.00 from 1898 is:

$2,550.00 using the Consumer Price Index
$2,150.00 using the GDP deflator
$11,600.00 using the unskilled wage
$19,200.00 using the Production Worker Compensation
$18,800.00 using the nominal GDP per capita
$80,800.00 using the relative share of GDP

Samuel H. Williamson, "Seven Ways to Compute the Relative Value of a U.S. Dollar Amount, 1774 to present," MeasuringWorth, 2014.

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