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Swedish Immigrant's Steamship Ticket 1880

Cunard Line Steerage Passage Contract for Passage from Gothenburg to Boston Dated 4 June 1880.

Cunard Line Steerage Passage Contract for Passage from Gothenburg to Boston Dated 4 June 1880. GGA Image ID # 12d47c801c

Agent for Sverige: Charles A. Berglund - Hufvudkontor: Göteborg

Agent i Hull : F. H. Laube - Victoria Chambers Posterngate

Agent i Liverpool: B. & C. Mac Iver - 1 Rumford Street

Agent i Boston: P. H. Du Vernet - 99 State Street

Agent i New York : C. G. Fruneklyn - 4 Bowling Green

Charles A. Berglund, Göteborg, ombud för D. & C. Mac Iver, Liverpool, och befullmäktigad utvandrings-agent, samt nedanstående utvandrare.

I the undersigned, Ch. A. Berglund, hereby engage to forward the herein mentioned emigrants from Gothenburg to Boston Mass. for the sum of $ 30, being payment in full, inclusive landing expenses in America.

Closeup of Immigrant Engstrom from Sweden - Passage Contract on Cunard Line

The departure from here will take place in Royal Mail Steamer on the 4 of June 1880

From Gothenburg the passengers are forwarded on place to Hull, and further, never later than twelve hours after the customhouse examination to Liverpool, in third class carriages on the railroad. With the first Steamer belonging to the Cunard Line (The Cunard Steamship Company Limited) the departure from Liverpool will take place never later than eight days from the arrival there.

In the above payment is included:

place in the Steamers and third class carriages on the railroads Forwarding of luggage viz: 10 cubic- feet, half for children; also good and sufficient food from Gothenburg to the landing place in Amerika free lodgings in Hull and Liverpool.

Should this contract on my part not be fulfilled or any misinterpretation thereof arise on either side, then I bind and declare myself willing to submit to and abide by the stipulations comprised in the 5:th Sections, 6:th Clause of the Government Emigrant Regulation of 5:th February 1869.

Göteborg i Poliskammaren den 4 June 1880

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