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Memorandum of Draft - White Star Line - Mrs. Frank McGuire - 1880

White Star Line Memorandum of Prepaid Steerage Passage Ticket Dated 29 May 1880.

White Star Line Memorandum of Prepaid Steerage Passage Ticket Dated 29 May 1880. GGA Image ID # 12d3d427de

A Memorandum of a Draft like the one shown below from 1880 was used as a receipt - often for funds sent to immigrants still in the Old Country waiting to come to America.

Keep This Memorandum

No. 50683 White Star Line

United States and Royal Mail Steamers

Sailing Every Week From New York, Queenstown and Liverpool.

Unsurpassed for Safety, Speed and Comfort.

New York, May 29th 1880

Memorandum of a Draft favor of Mrs. Frank McGuire

For £3-0-0 $ --- Paid by Ellen McGuire


/s/ A. L. Stevens, Agent.

Meriden, Connecticut

PARTIES DESIRING to send for their friends from the OLD COUNTRY, can obtain Ticket, etc. by the WHITE STAR LINE on application at the Company's Office, 37 BROADWAY, or on the wharf foot of West loth Street, or any of the Company's Agents throughout the United States and Canada

Side Bar Text

Side Bar - Memorandum of a Draft - 1880


  • BRITANNIC: 5004 Tons
  • GERMANIC: 5004 Tons
  • BALTIC: 3707 Tons
  • ADRIATIC: 3888 Tons
  • CELTIC: 3888 Tons
  • REPUBLIC: 3707 Tons

The Steerage on the Steamers of the White Star Line are unusually spacious, well lighted, ventilated and in Winter heated by steam.

Tickets or Drafts payable on demand everywhere in the Old Country for sale at lowest rates.

Current Value of £3 from 1880

In 2018, the relative value of £3   0s   0d from 1880 ranges from £293.30 to £5,140.00. "Five Ways to Compute the Relative Value of a UK Pound Amount, 1270 to Present," MeasuringWorth, 2019 .

Information about Document

  • Date: 29 May 1880
  • Value at Issue: 3 pounds 0 shillings 0 pence (£3 0s 0d or £3:0:0)
  • Dimensions: 24.3 x 11.6 cm
  • Reverse Side: Blank

Passenger Record

  • First Name : Ellen
  • Last Name : Mcguire
  • Nationality : Ireland
  • Place of Birth : Ireland
  • Date of Arrival : 1880
  • Age at Arrival : 32
  • Gender : Female
  • Ship of Travel : Britannic
  • Manifest Line Number : 25
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