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Cabin Passenger’s Contract Ticket 1867 - Australia to London

Cabin Passenger’s Contract Ticket 1867 - Australia to London

This contract was intended for First Class passage on the SS Reigate of the Surrey Steamship Company, a 3-mast, full-rigged ship built in 1862 weighing 1,035 tons. The cost of the voyage from Melbourne to London was £85, over £7,150 in today's currency.

  1. A Contract Ticket in this form must be given to every cabin passenger engaging a passage in a “passenger ship” from Victoria to any place out of the said colony coming under the operation of any Proclamation from time to time issued by the Governor of Victoria under the Passengers Act 1855 under a penalty not exceeding £50.
  2. Unless the passengers are to have a free table the victualling scale for the voyage must be appended to the Contract Ticket.
  3. All the blanks must be correctly and legibly filled in and the ticket must be legibly signed with the Christian names and surname and address in full of the party issuing the same.
  4. The day of the month on which the ship is to sail must be inserted in words and not in figures only.
  5. When once issued this ticket must not be withdrawn from the passenger nor any alteration or erasure made in it unless with his consent.

“Reigate” of 1100 Tons Register, to Sail from the Port of Melbourne for London on the 11th day of May 1867

Names and Ages of Passengers

  • Margaret Schenk, 37
  • John Schenk, 4
  • William?, 3
  • Anne (Infant)

In consideration of the Sum of £85, I herby agree with the person named in the margin hereof that such person shall be provided with FIRST CLASS CABIN PASSAGE in the above-named ship to sail from the Port of Melbourne for the Port of London in England, with not less than Forty Cubical Feet of Luggage for each person and that such person shall be victualled as FIRST CLASS CABIN PASSENGER during the voyage and the time of detention at any place before its termination and I further engage to land the person aforesaid with his Luggage at the last-mentioned Port free of any charge beyond the Passage Money aforesaid and I hereby acknowledge to have received the sum of £475 in part payment of such Passage Money.

/s/ Jaured Hufillits ?
For J. H. White & Co.
Collins Street West

Melbourne, 4 May 1867

  • Deposit: £ 45
  • Balance: £ 40 – To be paid Three Days before Embarkation
  • Total: £ 85

The Ship will not be accountable for luggage, goods, or other description of property, unless Bills of Lading have been signed for same. No jewelry, bullion, etc., will be carried as luggage.


  1. If Cabin Passengers, through no default of their own, fail to obtain a passage in the ship, and on the day named in this Contract Ticket, they may obtain redress for breach of Contract by summary process under the 73rd Section of the Passengers Act, 1855, or the 7th Clause of the Passage Brokers Act, 1863.
  2. Cabin Passengers must produce, on demand, their Contract Ticket to the Government Emigration Officer, under a penalty not exceeding £10.   This ticket should therefore be preserved and kept in readiness to be produced on board the ship.

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