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Immigrant ID & Vaccination Certificate 1930

Photo ID of Italian Immigrant 1930

Health Certificate and Photo ID: Italian Immigrant Salvatore J. Milluzzo sailed on the S.S. Conte Biancamano of the Lloyd Sabaudo Line departing from Naples on 25 October 1930.

Vaccination Certificate 1930

Certificate of Disinfection and Vaccination at the Port of Naples, Italy

Salvatore J. Milluzzo was born on 13 December 1914 in Palazzole Aereide, Italy and died on 1 September 1942 in Hartford, Connecticut at the age of 27 due to malignant hyperthermia, a type of severe reaction that occurs as a result of particular medications used during general anesthesia.

You may also be interested in this young immigrant's steamship contract for his voyage from Naples, Italy to New York on 25 October 1930.

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