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Canadian Alien Card, White Star Dominion Line, 1922

Canadian Alien Card, White Star Dominion Line S.S. Canada - 1922

The Canadian Alien Card was issued to each non-Canadian passenger indicating the number of sheet and line on sheet their name was listed on. The Card was to be presented on arrival, to the Canadian Aliens' Officer. The S.S. Canada would likely have the route from Liverpool » Queenstown (Cobh) » Quebec » Montreal.

Transcription of Canadian Alien Card



U S C (United States Citizen) Handwritten in upper right-hand corner.

White Star Line and White Star Dominion Line

S.S. Canada From Liverpool

Date of Departure 9 September 1922

Name SANDFORD, Blanche

List No. 1/20

and --- members of the family.

This card to be presented on arrival to the Aliens' Officer


Reverse Side of Canadian Alien Card:


Passengers are requested to have ready for the examination of the Aliens Officer all papers that may serve to establish their nationality, identity and business.


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