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Certificate of Innocence - 1915

The GG Archives curated an essential German document "Zeugnis der Unbescholtenheit" that loosely translates into Certificate of Innocence. The text dated from 2 July 1915 and was carried by a German immigrant on his 1921 voyage from Bremen to New York.

German Certificate of Innocence 1915

The former pupil of the local Royal Teachers' Seminary [name] born in ... and the state since 7 June 1910, is hereby officially testified that he has been ... and that nothing unfavorable has been charged with regard to his moral behavior. Attested to on the 2 July 1915 The Royal Seminary Director

Stamped: Zu Herford Lehrerseminar or To Herford teacher seminar

The German teacher later immigrated to the United States in September 1921. View the Contract for Passage on the SS George Washington of United States Lines.

The GG Archives would be very grateful if one of our patrons is able to decipher the handwritten text.

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