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Vaccination - ID Card - 1893

Card given to passengers to provide evidence of that passengers' vaccination for smallpox in 1893. UK Immigrant, I. Kilgarriff received this card from the Surgeon on board the SS City of Berlin of the American Line on a voyage from Southampton, England to New York.

The Card was dated 6 March 1893 and signed by the surgeon (illegible signature). This voyage was not listed in the Morton Allan Directory of European Passenger Steamship Arrivals.

Vaccination Card - American Line - 1893 - Front Side

The Front and Back Sides of the Vaccination Card, Issued by American Line on 5 March 1893 to a passenger on board the SS City of Berlin - I.O. Kilgarriff.

Vaccination Card - American Line - 1893 - Back Side

Reverse side Inscription: This card must be kept by the Passenger to avoid detention by Quarantine in New York, or while traveling by Rail or Steamers in the United States

Text in English, German and Danish.

Information About the Card

  • Title: Vaccination. Protected
  • Issued By: American Line: Southampton - New York Service
  • Vessel: City of Berlin
  • Passenger: I. O. Kilgarriff
  • Dated: 6 March 1893
  • Dimensions: 11.2 x 8.2 cm
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