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Provisional Emigration Law of Norway - Provisorist Anordning 1867

First Page - Provisional Immigration Law of Norway - 1867

1867-04-06 Provisorist Anordning angaaenbe Control med Befordring af Uddandrere til frennede Berdensdele - Emigration Law of 1867 - Norway

A provisional order of 6 April 1867, and a corresponding law of 22 May 1869, stipulated, among other things, that those who recruited and transported emigrants should draw up a written contract with each individual.

This is probably the most important document in the Norwegian emigration history. This is an original print of the temporary emigration passenger act passed in March 1867.

The final act was passed May 22, 1869, and was almost identical to the temporary act of 1867. If it had not been for this act, there would have been no emigration protocols, also called police lists. According to this act the police were to monitor the activities of the emigration agents, and keep records of all emigrants.

Page 2 - Provisional Immigration Law of Norway - 1867

Page 3 - Provisional Immigration Law of Norway - 1867

Page 4 - Provisional Immigration Law of Norway - 1867

Document Information

  • Date: 6 April 1867
  • Document Control Number: 58 | 1867; Issue No. 3 / 1867
  • Details: 10 Sections Passed Into Law Under Seal of King Carl V of Norway and Sweden (Imprinted).
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