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Second Cabin, Steerage and Regular Service of the Hamburg-American Line - 1890


The conveniences in the second cabin of these steamers are excellent, everything being provided to make the passage agreeable. All accommodations for second-cabin passengers are on the same decks as those of first cabin. The whole aft-part of the promenade deck is specially appropriated for the use of second-cabin passengers, thus giving them ample opportunity for exercise on one of the finest portions of the deck. In addition, there is a tastefully fitted up ladies' saloon and a comfortable smoking-room on the same deck.

The main saloon is on the upper deck, occupying almost the whole width of the ship, and is artistically furnished and well lighted and ventilated. Staterooms are on the upper as well as on the main deck. They are all large, commodious and well-furnished, and the provisions for air and light are excellent. Bath-rooms with hot and cold water are also provided, besides lavatories in sufficient number. All rooms are fitted with electric light, so that, in fact, nothing is omitted to secure comfort.


The steerage is unusually high, well-lighted and provided with a perfect system of ventilation. Passengers are placed in separate rooms, thus securing a degree of comfort and privacy which steerage passengers could hitherto rarely attain. They also have convenient eating-rooms with tables and benches, where they can pass their time when bad weather keeps them below. The meals served are of excellent quality, the Hamburg - American Line having always enjoyed an enviable reputation for the care and consideration with which steerage passengers are treated.

Regular Service.

All the Company's steamers have been built by the most famous shipbuilders in Europe, and are constructed of the best wrought iron and steel. They have water-tight compartments, with all of which the pumps are connected, and are provided with patent steam-steering apparatus, all necessary donkey engines for lifting, pumping, etc., a distilling apparatus supplying fresh and pure water daily, and electric lights and bells.

These steamers have several extras above the highest rating in the Bureau Veritas. They perform a regular service between the United States and Germany, and are great favorites among the traveling public, on account of the many advantages which they offer.

They carry only First Cabin and Steerage passengers, and in the accommodations nothing has been omitted that could promote comfort. The commodious staterooms are all on the same main deck, thus insuring those greatest luxuries at sea—perfect ventilation and light. They are heated by steam and fitted up in the latest improved manner.

There are staterooms for ladies traveling alone, piano, library, smoking and card-rooms for gentlemen, bath-rooms, etc.

The kitchens are on the upper deck, thereby avoiding all obnoxious odors. Neither cattle, pigs nor sheep are carried on any of the passenger steamers of the Line.

Passengers wishing to obtain at a moderate price the comforts of large, airy rooms, elegant saloons, polite and prompt attendance, and—last, but not least—excellent meals, will find complete satisfaction on these steamers.

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