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Porsgrund Farmer's Rose China

Porsgrund Farmer's Rose and Related Pieces

The Porsgrund ware, christened after the town in Norway of that name, was established in 1887 and has attained a transparent delicacy of finish which rivals that of Royal Copenhagen Porcelain. Painter Thorolf Holmboe has decorated Porsgrund china with furry white polar bears on a blue background, and other motifs suggestive of Norway.

Based on the rosemaling patterns found in the Telemark region, the Farmer's Rose china pattern is on of Porsgrund's most beloved and coveted designs. Cups, plates, saucers, serving dishes, bowls, teacups and more form the collection from the Estate of Lawrence K. Gjenvick being sold as a fundraiser for the Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives.

We are still working on how we will place the china for sale. A generous donation could capture everything, or we may sell them off separately for 2017-2018 fundraising.

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