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Vintage Fashions - Peter Robertsons - Oxford Street - 1908

Peter Robinson's -- Experts in the World of Fashion - Women's Fashion Boutique

Peter Robinsons

An Overseaas Invitation

England bids America welcome to her Greatest Dry Goods Store

Every Trans-Atlantic visitor to London this season is cordially invited to pay a visit to our world-famous establishments -- inspect the newest fashions always in evidence here -- and take full advantage of the amenities our store affords.

There is no obligation, whatever, to buy and our assistants -- who are at your service always -- will render quick, courteous and intilligent service.

We specialise in Mantles, Frocks, Tailor-made Suits, Shirt-Waists and other femininities; and -- this is worth noting -- we make a great specialty of Men's and Boys' Clothing and Haberdashery.

Peter Robinson's -- Oxford Street & Regent Street, London

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