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Vintage Fashions - John Wilson & Son - Belfast - 1907

John Wilson & Son, Ltd of Belfast offered Damask and Hankerchief goods for Women. This advertisement form 1907 featured Irish Crochet Yoke that were worn by women of class.

JOHN WILSON & SON, 85 Royal Avenue, BELFAST,

Damask and Handkerchief Manufacturers.

Our collection of REAL IRISH LACE GOODS cannot be surpassed.

We have the most Beautiful Examples of these Fascinating and useful articles at most tempting prices.

John Wilson & Son, Belfast - 1907 Fashion Advertisment

Selected Parcels of IRISH LACES, etc., sent on approval.

LACE HANDKERCHIEFS and LACE SCARFS, suitable for those who prefer a single article and like that article good.

Real Irish Applique Plastron Set, as illustrated, 27 6.

Other designs up to 45/- per set.

IRISH POINT LACE, 50 - to 100 - per yard ; also LIMERICK LACE, 4/6 to 18/6 per yd. FLOUNCINGS, 40 - to 140/- per yard. IRISH APPLIQUE LACE, 10 to 60/- per yard. FLOUNCINGS, 150/- to 500 - per yard. IRISH GUIPURE LACE, 15/- to 70- per yard. FLOUNCINGS, 250/- to 500 - per yard. Real Irish Point Lace Collar, as illustrated, £10 each. Other designs up to £20 each. Irish Point Lace Band Set, 52 - per set.

Irish Crochet Yoke, as illustrated, 37 6 each. Other designs, up to 60/- each.

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