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Vintage Fashions "JAEGER" Special Pure Wool Underwear for Fall and Winter

In all SIZES, STYLES and WEIGHTS for Men, Women and Children The "Jaeger" System of clothing is the natural and, therefore, the most comfortable and hygienic clothing for the human body. It not only enhances your health and comfort; and protects yoUr system against disease, but in the end it is by far the, most economical form of dress. Jaeger wear is in itself very durable and fewer garments are required.

"JAEGER" Special Pure Wool Underwear for Fall and Winter

Jaeger Pure Wool is the most Comfortable Durable and Hygienic

  1. Because it is made of Jaeger Stockinet Web which is elastic, causing it to fit perfectly all over the body, and it is so soft that no irritation is caused to the most sensitive of skins. Being perous it allows the skin to breath.
  2. Because it is made from carefully selected natural (undyed) wool. Thi!s wool is far more durable than wool which has been dyed and chemically treated. With ordinary care Jaeger Underwear will last 4 or 5 seasons.
  3. Being a slow conductor of heat it keeps the body at an equable warmth in all weathers
    -- thus preventing chills. And by keeping the skin active,. it drains the tissues of superfluous fat and water with a consequent hardening effect on the whole system.

Underwear for Fall and Winter

Thus for you to wear Jaeger Pure Wool Underwear day and night is to have increased vitality, better health and immunity, from many a cold and chill. The "Reason Why" is told in Dr. Jaeger's book on "Health Culture" (201 pages, cloth bound). A copy of this interesting book, together with our descriptive catalogue, will be, mailed free to any address.

Don't merely ask (or wool underwear, but insist on having Jaeger Pure Natural Wool. Every Jaeger garment is stamped with this trademark;, and is guaranteed against shrinkage,. Sold at fixed moderate prices by leading dealen in all principal cities.

316 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal
286 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg
dealers in all principal cities

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