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Vintage Fashions - Comfortable Lounging-Robe and Dressing-Sack - 1900

Comfortable Lounging-Robe and Dressing-Sach


FIGURE No. 204 T.—LADIES' LOUNGING-ROBE—This represents a Ladies' lounging-robe, and is illustrated on page 582. The pattern, which is No. 4474 and costs 1s. or 25 cents, is in seven sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-two inches, bust measure, and may be again seen on page 596.

The easy and graceful adjustment of the Kimono modes is suggested in this simply constructed wrapper. Dark-blue silk flowered in white was combined with plain light and dark silk in its development. The fronts and back are tucked for a short distance at the top, and the narrow, doubled collar is extended down the fronts in trimming-band fashion.

The robe laps widely, and at the top the fronts are turned back in triangular revers. The comfortable one-seam sleeves are in loose, flowing style at the bottom, where they are completed with bands to correspond. with these on the fronts.

Japanese silk, French flannel, cashmere, wailing, albatross, etc., may be used in the reproduction of the mode, with material in some contrasting shade for the collar and bands.

FIGURE No. 205 T.—LADIES' DRESSING—SACK.—This represents a Ladies' dressing-sack, and is iilustrated on page 582. The pattern, which is No 4464 and costs 9d. or 20 cents, is in eight sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-four inches, bust measure, and is also illustrated on page 608.

White silk and all-over lace are here united in the dainty dressing-sack, the decoration consisting of ribbon, lace edging and appliqué matching the all-over lace. The full fronts are made over fitted linings that may, however, be omitted.

At the back and sides the adjustment is smooth, the centre and under-arm seams terminating a short distance below the waist, and the back edges of the fronts are rounded away at the bottom. A fanciful sailor-collar arranged to reveal the full fronts is an interesting feature, and a standing collar is at the neck. The two-seam sleeves are shaped to display the arm prettily, and the sack closes at the centre, ribbon-ties drawing the fulness in at the waist.

Blue cashmere and white silk will combine harmoniously.

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