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Vintage Fashions - Modish Outdoor Toilettes for Women - 1900

Modish Outdoor Toilettes


FIGURE No. 192 T.- -This unites a Ladies' Eton blouse and skirt, and is illustrated on page 576. The Eton blouse pattern, which is No. 4488 and costs 9d. or 20 cents, is in seven sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-two inches, bust measure, and is differently portrayed on page 602.

The skirt pattern. which is No. 4522 an d costs I s. or 25 cents, is in nine sizes from twenty to thirty-six inches, waist measure, and is again shown on page 611.

The extreme good style expressed in the toilette pictured at this figure will gain for it many admirers. It is shown developed from a lustrous-faced Venetian cloth in a rich royal - blue shade and white Lousine, silver-gray chinchilla affording the decoration ; large blue-and-gold buttons are a practical as well as ornamental feature.

The Eton, which blouses becomingly, is closed in double-breasted style and is further characterizeu by the turn-down military collar and Garibaldi sleeves. It has the popular long shoulder effect and the dip in front and is followed at the bottom by a shaped belt. The under-sleeve is mounted on a fitted lining and completed with a wristband, while the upper sleeve is slashed at the back and is in bell shape.

The skirt is in three-piece style and is exceptionally graceful, showing a curved circular flounce around the bottom and an inverted box-plait at the back, also the approved dip at the top. It is pictured in short-sweep length but may be in round length, if preferred.

Smooth, satin-faced broadcloth and fine lady's cloth in any of the delicate pastel shades, with decoration of panne in some effective contrast, would develop beautifully by the mode, while a satin-faced camel's-hair zibeline in automobile red would be very stylish with a trimming of sable. The mode is adaptable to a severe tailor finish, as well as elaborate ornamentation.

FIGURE No. I93 T.—This comprises a Ladies' coat and skirt, and is illustrated on page 576. The coat pattern, which is No. 4486 and costs 9d. or 20 cents, is in nine sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-six inches, bust measure, and is again illustrated on page 601. The skirt pattern, which is No. 4510 and costs 9d. or 20 cents, is in nine sizes from twenty to thirty-six inches, waist measure, and may be again seen on page 614.

A slightly shortened skirt is included in every well-appointed wardrobe and being practical for varied purposes stormy weather. golfing, travelling and general wear—hat gained almost universal popularity. A circular skirt of this type and a jaunty short coat are associated in the toilette here represented developed in gray mixed tweed suiting and heavy corded silk of lighter tone, with a simple decoration of machine-stitching. The coat has a rounding shawl-collar and is fully d es cribed at figure No. 186 T.

The new habit back, which is an inverted box-plait stitched down, is the especial item of interest in the skirt that may be made with or without a fiat circular flounce from beneath which the skirt may be cut away. It extends to the instep in this instance, though it may be shorter if desired, and is shaped to produce the fashionable dip at the top in front.

Double-faced suiting in dark Oxford, blue or brown would develop the mode satisfactorily for wear upon almost every occasion when this suit would be appropriate.

Cheviot, tweed, storm serge, Scotch mixtures and rain-proof fabrics may be used for serviceable toilettes, with machine-stitching, stitched straps of the material and mohair braids for the finish.

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