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Vintage Fashions - Handsome Calling Toilettes for Women - 1900

Handsome Calling Toilettes


FIGURE No. 184 T.—This unites a Ladies' jacket and skirt. and is illustrated on page 572. The jacket pattern, which is No. 4539 and costs 9d. or 20 cents, is in nine sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-six inches. bust measure, and is differently pictured on page 601. The skirt pattern, which is No. 4487 and costs 1s. or 25 cents, is in nine sizes for ladies from twenty to thirty-six inches, waist measure, and is again shown on page 613 of this magazine.

The Eton modes still hold sway and are ensured popularity for the coming season. The one forming a part of this attractive toilette is shown made of cloth in one of the pastel tones of gray, with appliqués of rich lace and bands of darker cloth outlined with gilt braid for garniture.

The jacket is snugly adjusted and closes in double-breasted style with large fancy buttons. The fronts are turned back above the closing in large revers, and a high Hare collar is an attractive feature of the mode. The sleeves are in two-seam coat style, but may be in bell fashion, if preferred, the pattern providing for both effects. Complying with the present demands of Fashion, the coat dips at the front and has the long shoulders that give the desired military air.

The circular skirt accords with the Eton in material and trimming, except that on the skirt the lace appliqués are omitted. It is also shown on the first cever page, in which connection it is fully described.

In dark-gray tweed, with self - strappings and gun-metal buttons for the closing, the toilette will be very attractive. Made of dark-green broadcloth, with chinchilla for the collar and revers, the result will be highly satisfactory. Serge, homespun, cheviot, camel's-hair, etc., are suitable, and the decoration may be simple or elaborate.

FIGURE No. 185 T.—This comprises a Ladies' coat and skirt, and is illustrated on page 572. The coat pattern, which is No. 4500 and costs 9d. or 20 cents, is in nine sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-six inches, bust measure, and is also shown on page 599. The skirt pattern, which is No. 4406 and costs 1s. or 25 cents, is in nine sizes for ladies from twenty to thirty-six inches, waist measure.

A coat of sealskin decorated with mink and a skirt of gray taffeta, with bands of the same and fancy stitching and buttons for garniture, are here united in reproducing a handsome toilette. The skirt is a stylish mode, having a front-gore that extends to the belt and two circular portions that are seamed to a smooth yoke at the sides and back. It falls in graceful flutes below the hips and at the back and may be in round or short-sweep length, and at the top has the fashionable Marie Antoinette dip.

The coat is snug at the back and fronts, the latter being dart-fitted. It is somewhat deeper than those ordinarily seen, and may be made longer, the pattern providing for both styles. A high flare collar with rounding corners to correspond with the fronts gives neck completion, and the close-fitting two-seam sleeves are trimmed in round cuff style with a band of the mink. The popular long shoulder effect is given, and mink heads and tails emphasize the closing at the throat.

The coat is especially desirable for fur, velvet, velours, heavy cloth, etc. A coat of Astrakhan could have the collar aud sleeves trimmed with chinchilla or any other suitable fur. The skirt may be of cloth, vailing. cashmere, etc., and braid, appliqué lace or self-strappings will give suitable completion. A velvet coat shows an edge finish of Persian lamb and the collar is made entirely of this rich fur. With it is suitably worn a skirt of dark automobile-red cloth trimmed with tinsel braid.

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