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Vintage Fashions - Two Attractive Women's Bodices - 1900

Two Attractive Bodices


FIGURE No. 182 T.—LADIES' JACKET—BASQUE.—This figure represents a Ladies' jacket-basque, and is illustrated on page 57I. The pattern, which is No. 4475 and costs 9d. or 20 cents, is in seven sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-two inches, bust measure, and is differently pictured on page 603.

The fancy Court sleeves give a distinctive touch to this novel jacket-basque, for which black velvet was here used in connection with white and light-blue silk. The trimming, which consists of tinsel braid and gilt buttons, is artistically arranged and adds a becoming note of color. The jacket is smoothly adjusted and shows to advantage the full, shallow back-yoke and pouching fronts.

A high standing collar, over which is worn a stock in similar at the neck, and a shaped belt encircles the waist, which is cut to give the popular Hebe bust, an effect that is now so much sought. The sleeves are in Court style, the upper sleeve eXtending to the elbow, where it is finished with a turn-back cuff, and separated from the drooping lower portion by a full puff. The whole is mounted on a two-seam lining, and the wristband closes invisibly.

Periwinkle-blue taffeta and Chantilly lace will develop attractively by the mode. Irish poplin and satin Liberty with bands of Russian or Cluny lace will be stylish. Broadcloth in one of the pastel hues in combination with silk mull and decorated with velvet baby-ribbon and fancy silk cord will be found very satisfactory.

FIGURE No. 183 T.—LADIES' BASQUE-WAIST.—This figure shows a Ladies' basque-waist, and is depicted on page 571. The pattern, which is No. 4302 and costs 9d. or 29 cents, is in seven sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-two inches, bust measure, and is again illustrated on page 605.

Black velvet trimmed with white lace appliqué, and light silk are here united in the charming waist. The jaquette, is short and is wide apart at the front, and the waist is characterized by a plaited hack and full pouching fronts that Produce the Juno bust effect which is now the popular fancy. A high stock worn over a standing collar and a fancy belt finish the neck and waist respectively.

The full gathered sleeves are very fanciful, being shaped to accommodate deep cap and cuff facings that accord with the jaquette in material and decoration. At the wrist the sleeve forms a point that extends prettily over the hand.

Fancy taffeta associated with Cluny lace will reproduce the mode handsomely. Peau de cygne and foulard, with velvet baby-ribbon and quillings of mousseline for trimming will also be attractive. A waist of blue crêpe de Chine and écru lace has a stock and belt of Liberty ribbon.


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