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Vintage Fashions - Ladies' Morning and House Wear - 1900

Women's Fashions for Morning and House Wear



This pictures a Ladies' wrapper. The pattern, which is No. 4459 and costs 1s. or 25 cents, is in eight sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-four inches, bust measure, and is again shown on page 440.

Figured veiling was here selected for the development of the wrapper, with dark-blue satin for the sailor collar and cuff facings and blue satin ribbon of a corresponding shade for the scarfs. The wrapper has a Watteau that falls out gracefully into the train, and is closely adjusted at the sides.

The fulness in the front hangs free from the neck and is framed at the top by the broad ends of the sailor collar, which is decorated with narrow gilt braid. The collar is deep and square at the back, and a high stock completes the neck.

The bell sleeves terminate a short distance below the elbow, where they are turned back in cuff effect. A long scarf having fringed ends and formed in a rosette at the bust and waist is arranged at each side of the fulness in the front and lends grace to the wrapper, which is made with a sweep.

Louisine, crêpe de Chine, Liberty satin, surah, cashmere, Henrietta, Lansdowne, albatross, challis and fine flannel, as well as cotton crêpe, dimity and lawn, will develop becoming garments of this description.


This illustrates a Ladies' shirt-waist. The pattern, which is No. 4411 and costs 10d. or 20 cents, is in nine sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-six inches, bust measure and is differently shown on page 448.

The chief charm of this stylish shirt-waist is its simplicity. Taffeta perlé, a pin-spotted shot silk, was here selected for the waist, which has full fronts that puff out becomingly, being gathered at the top and at the waist-line.

The back is perfectly smooth across the shoulders and has only the slightest gathered fulness at the bottom. The soft-rolled cuff is an interesting feature of the one-seam sleeve, which is slashed at the back of the wrist. A removable standing collar and satin tie give completion at the neck, and a fancy belt is worn.

Cashmere, serge, cotton faille, challis, French flannel, taffeta, surah and India silk, and many similar fabrics will develop the waist satisfactorily, and if an elaborate effect be liked, let-in rows of lace may be added to the fronts.

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