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Vintage Fashions - Ladies' Smart Walking Gown - 1900

Smart Walking Gown


FIGURE No. 148 T.—This illustrates a Ladies' costume. The pattern, which is No. 4396 and costs 1s. 3d. or 30 cents, is in nine sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-six inches, bust measure, and is differently pictured on page 438.

The costume shows faultless adjustment and is a mode that will certainly enjoy popularity. Cloth of a fashionable blue-gray tone was the material used in the present development, with silk for lining and self-strappings, buttons and machine-stitching for decoration.

The closely adjusted jacket is a stylish modification of the Eton modes. It deepens in pointed outline below the waist at the centre of the front and back and possesses a novelty in the tapering laps that are joined to the front edges of the fronts. In this instance, the laps are turned back in stylish revers effect to disclose the shirt-waist. The Robespierre collar and rolling cuff, which complete the neck and two-seam sleeve respectively, are becoming features of the mode.

The skirt is of the latest cut and shows the popular dip at the top in front. It consists of seven gores shaped to give the fashionable sheath-like adjustment at the top and to flare in.deep flutes at the bottom. The fulness at the back 4402 is arranged in an inverted box-plait.

For general wear the costume could be stylishly reproduced in tweed, cheviot, camel's-hair, or suiting, with stitching or machine-stitched strappings for the decorative finish.

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