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Vintage Fashions - Women's Afternoon Toilettes - 1900

Afternoon Toilettes



This unites a Ladies' basque-waist and skirt. The waist pattern, which is No. 4399 and costs 10d. or 20 cents, is in seven sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-two inc es, bust measure, and is also pictures on page 411. The skirt pattern, which is No. 4388 and costs 1s. or 25 cents, is in seven sizes from twenty to thirty-two inches, waist measure, and is again shown on page 459.

This stylish toilette will prove acceptable for dressy afternoon wear when calling, driving, etc., and is here developed in figured silk crépon and panne velvet of a contrasting color combined with plain Liberty silk.

The basque-waist or bodice has a stretched back and possesses many becoming features, one of the most conspicuous being the bolero fronts which meet at the bust over the full, pouching fronts and are ornamented with bands of black satin piped with the panne.

The large, fancy collar, which frames the full fronts in V effect and is shallowest at the back, is finished by a doubled frill of dark Liberty silk. A similar frill decorates the turn-back cuff which completes the upper portion of the "1850" sleeve. The full under-sleeve is shirred at the wrist to form a frill that falls over the hand. The tucked stock rises in a point at the back and a crush belt is worn. '

The skirt is five-gored and shows an admirable disposal of its fulness in groups of tucks at the sides and hack. The tucks terminate at graduated depths, and the fulness flares gracefully at the foot. The skirt has the fashionable dip at the top, which may be decided or conventional, and is made with a short sweep.

Any soft silk, cotton or woolen fabrics will prove desirable for reproducing the skirt, and the bodice will appear to best advantage developed in a combination of materials. A handsome toilette may be developed in this style of light voile or vailing, with silk muslin or other diaphanous n Aerial for the full fronts and under-sleeves and all-over ce for the large, fancy collar and cuffs.


This embraces a Ladies' basquewaist and skirt. The waist pattern, which is No. 4382 and costs 10d. or 20 cents, is in seven sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-two inches, bust measure, and is also pictured on page 445. The skirt pattern, which is No. 4397 and costs 1s. or 25 cents, is in nine sizes from twenty to thirty-six inches, waist measure, and is differently portrayed on page 455.

A basque-waist or bodice of unusual attractiveness forms part of the toilette here shown developed in a combination of grayish-blue satin-faced broadcloth of light weight, blue taffeta and panne velvet and white silk mull.

The yoke-bolero gives novelty to the bodice and has a scolloped lower edge that overlaps the tucked lower portion. In this instance, the scolloped effect is emphasized by a strapping of the material, which is not provided for in the pattern but may be easily shaped by following the lower outline of the yoke-bolero.

The bodice has a full vest and puffs out prettily in front, and the yoke-bolero is turned back in front to form pointed revers; fancy sleeves contribute to the becomingness of the mode. 4426 The close-fitting over-sleeves flare in points at the wrist over short, full under-sleeves completed with tucked straight cuffs.

A tucked stock and a belt of the panne complete the bodice, which shows the fashionable dip in front. The seven-gored flare skirt is of the newest shaping and introduces a fashionable feature in the inverted box-plait at the lower part of each side seam. The fulness at the back is disposed of in an inverted double box-plait, and the skirt may be made with the conventional or a decided dip at the top in front, according to preference. Straps of the cloth cover the seams at the front and sides and end in points at the top of the box-plaits.

The toilette may be duplicated in a variety of fashionable fabrics, such as whipcord, crépe de Chine, vailing, Eolienne, brilliantine, fine serge, etc., and the revers may be faced with all-over lace or decorated with braid or appliqué lace. The waist favors a combination of fabrics or colors and the decoration may be simple or elaborate.

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