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Vintage Fashions - Effective Women's Tailor Suits - 1900

Effective Tailor Women's Suits



This shows a Ladies' costume. The pattern, which is No. 4396 and costs 1s. 3d. or 30 cents, is in nine sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-six inches, bust measure, and is differently pictured on page 438.

This simple but extremely fashionable costume will prove admirable for general wear in either city or country. It is here illustrated serviceably developed in dark plaid cheviot with velvet of a harmonizing hue.

The close-fitting Eton jacket is faultlessly adjusted and closed in double-breasted style to the neck with button-holes and bone buttons. It deepens to a point the centre of the front and back and is distinguished by a stylish Robespierre collar. A convenient breast-pocket finished with a lap is inserted in the left front, and .the close-fitting sleeves are completed with turn-back cuffs.

The skirt is a seven-gored mode that flares decidedly at the foot and shows the fashionable dip at the top. It is fitted smoothly over the hips without the use of darts and has an underfolded box-plait at the back.

Any of the tailor cloths may be satisfactorily employed for the costume, with machine-stitching for the finish or self-strappings or braid for decoration. The jacket may be worn open if liked.


This combines a Ladies' jacket and skirt. The jacket pattern, which is No. 4379 and costs 10d. or 20 cents, is in nine sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-six, bust measure, and is again portrayed on page 444. The skirt pattern, which is No. 4406 and costs 1s. or 25 cents, is in nine sizes from twenty to thirty-six inches, waist measure, and may be seen differently developed on page 456.

A stylish modification in jackets, known as the Eton Sans Revers, forms part of this attractive toilette, which is in the present instance illustrated developed in light smooth-faced cloth with embroidered panne velvet for facings and machine-stitching for the finish.

The Eton is closely adjusted and deepens in a point below the waist at the back and to give a long-waisted appearance at the front. A deep, rolling collar finishes the neck, and id this instance the fronts are rolled back and allowed to flare stylishly. The close-fitting sleeves are bell-shaped at the bottom to flare over the hand.

A novelty is presented in the skirt, which closes at the left side and flares stylishly toward the foot. The mode consists of a front-gore that extends to the belt, and two circular portions seamed to a yoke at the sides and back. An underfolded box-plait disposes of fulness introduced below the yoke at the centre of the back, and the design shows the popular dip at the top in front.

Blue whipcord with facings of blue satin would develop a stylish toilette of this description. An inexpensive and serviceable development could be of homespun, tweed or cheviot.

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