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Vintage Fashions - A Very Stylish Eton Jacket - 1900

Stylish Eton Jacket


FIGURE No. 139 T.—This illustrates a Ladies' jacket.

The pattern, which is No. 4402 and costs 10d. or 20 cents, is in nine sizes for ladies from thirty to forty-six inches, bust Measure, and is differently pictured on page 443.

The woman with forethought will not allow the cold weather to find her without a comfortable top garment. The design here illustrated developed in Persian lamb is a new and especially attractive mode known as the Jacket Sans 4396 Revers. It is closely adjusted at the back and sides, the centre seam terminating above the lower edge to form a vent.

The semi-fitted fronts are broadly lapped and closed diagonally and deepen to give the long-waisted effect now so desirable. The close-fitting sleeves, which bell at the wrist, and high flare collar contribute to the good style of the garment.

Melton. kersey, broadcloth diagonal, serge, cheviot, etc., will develop pleasingly by the mode, with machine-stitching for the finish. If desired, the fronts may be worn open and with the collar faced with satin or panne velvet. A handsome jacket could be of black velvet with chinchilla for the inside of collar.

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