Dutch Sauce (Hollandaise) - Defined with Recipe

Dutch Sauce-Another name for Hollandaise sauce, wbich is made by taking half a cupful of white sauce and working into it a small piece of glace, half a cupful of melted bulter, 6 yolks of eggs, bringing it slowly to a custard-like thickness over a medium fire, then seasoniog it with salt, nutmeg and lemon juice.

Perch à la Hollandaise.— Thoroughly clean and wash the perch, then set them on the fire in half milk, half water, some salt, and a bit of butter; simmer them gently over a slow fire, and when done, drain off the liquor, lay them on a dish, with a sauce à la Hollandaise over them.

Turbot à la Hollandaise. — Put your turbot into a fish-kettle, with equal quantities of milk and water, a bit of butter, salt, lemon squeezed in and rubbed over the turbot, put paper over it, and let it simmer gently till done; then take it up, drain it from the liquor, and serve it on a dish without a fish-plate, and pour a sauce à la Hollandaise all over.

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