Dolmas Defined and Recipe

Dolmas -- A term applied to leaves of cabbage parboiled, containing balls of forcemeat, and served generally with rissoto. Take 50 cabbage leaves, boil them for ten minutes, drain, make 50 balls of forcemeat size of a walnut, place in centre of the leaf, wrap the leaf around, arrange them in a sautoir, pour over some rich chicken stock and a little milted butter, place the cover on and reduce to a glaze. Arrange a little rissoto at each end of the serving dish, place the dolmas in the centre and pour the glaze over.

Parboil three heads of young, green cabbage, drain them; have ready a force- meat made of equal parts of raw mutton and beef suet, one-fourth as much of cooked rice, season with salt, pepper, onion and minced parsley. Trim the parboiled cabbage leaves of even size, put in the middle of each a little roll of the forcemeat; roll these up, put them in a saucepan with enough broth to come up level with the dolmas, put a plate directly on top to keep in place and cook very slowly half an hour, drain the liquor carefully, put the dolmas on a platter; thicken the liquor with sufficient yolks of eggs to give it the consistency of cream, to this add lemon juice to taste and pour it over the dolmas in the dish; serve hot. (Practical and Artistic Cookery 1900)

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