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Diablotins-The French term for small balls of sweetmeats generally composed of almond paste, rice paste, and grated orange peel, made into balls, fried in very hot lard, drained, then rolled in Savored powdered sugar: also balls of the miltture given for cheesestraws with an egg yolk added, then fioured and fried, taken up and rolled in grated cheese.

Diablotins.—Pound some chocolate, with a little olive oil, into a stiff paste, of which take small pieces, and roll them in your hands into the shape of nuts, olives, ice. either round or flat; strew over them nonpareils of different colors, and dry them in cases like other sweet-meats.

Diablotins.—Take acold vanilla cream renversée (see that recipe), and when quite cold cut it into dice; throw these into flour; cover them well, and fry them a little in a hot pan; when tolerably black, drain; sprinkle them with sugar, and serve them.

Diablotins en Cannellons.—Take six ounces of filberts, blanch and pound them, adding, by degrees, three glasses of boiling cream; then press them through a napkin, to extract as much milk from them as you possibly can, which pour (a little at a time), on two spoonsful of rice flour mix them well; take care there are no lumps; and having added three ounces of powder sugar, and a grain of salt, set the whole over a moderate fire for thirty or forty minutes, stirring it constantly, when it will have become a firm smooth paste-Pour it on a slightly-buttered slab; spread it out with a knife, making it about three quarters of an inch thick. When it is quite cold, cut it into pieces about three inches long, and three quarters of an inch wide; sprinkle t linn with flour; roll them round lightly; dip one at a time into batter (the same as what you use for Fritters à la Parisienne), and fry them in a hot pan; when they are of a nice colour, drain them on a napkin; sprinkle them with sugar, and glaze them either in the oven or with a salamander.

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