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Dauphine-A French term applied to a cake of the doughnut variety that has jelly in the centre; sometimes called "Berlin pancakes" or "brioche fritters"; "à la Dauphine" is used by some cooks when decorating food with dauphine cakes.

Cherry Fritters à la Danphine—Pick three quarters of a pound of fine cherries, and boil them five or six times with a quarter of a pound of powder sugar; take out the cherries, drain them, and boil the sugar to la nappe; then put in the cherries again, and leave them to cool. In the mean while roll out a pouod of brioche paste; make your fritters as directed (see Fritters à la Dauphine), and put five or six cherries in each. Fry them of a nice color; glaze, and serve them quickly.

Apricot Fritters à la Dauphine.—Take twelve small apricots, cut them into halves, and boil them in syrup. I*et them drain, and take off their peel. When they are cold, make a very thin crust with brioche paste, and make a fritter for each of the halves of your apricots. Then fry them, and finish the same as fritters à la Dauphine.

Apple Fritters à la Dauphine—Turn twelve small apples, cut them into halves, and boil them in syrup, then leave them to cool. When they are cold, make an extremely thin crust with brioche paste. Make a fritter for each half apple, then fry them and finish tho same as Fritters à la Dauphitie.

Cream Fritters à la Dauphine.—Take the third part of any cream patissiire you please, and having rolled out the brioche paste, place on it, when cold, the cream in small pieces, cut the fritters, and finish them in the usual way. See Fritters à la Dauphiné.

Lamb (Slices of) à la Dauphine.—Bonea shoulder of lamb to the knuckle. Make a farce with truffles or mushrooms, fat livers, parsley, shalots (all chopped small), grated bacon, popper, salt, nutmeg, and two yolks of eggs; roll this into the shoulder, and braise it with a little stock, a few slices of bacon, a glass of white wine, a bunch of sweet herbs, pepper and salt. Serve it on spinach.

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