Darioles - Defined - Serving Suggestions

Darioles-Then a meol a small plain or Suted mold, these are lined with thin paste, then filled with a cheese cake mixture, sweet custard miltture or whipped cream, turned out when done, and served like a small charlotte ruase.

Darioles.—Put half a quartern of flour upon a pie-board, with half a pound of butter, a little .salt, and a glass of water; work the whole together, so as to make a firm paste, and then having oiled pour dariole moulds, line them, thinly rolling the paste out; in order to do it quickly and properly, cut apiece of turnip nearly the size of the mould, flour it, turn a proper sized piece of paste over that, and then fit that into the mould, taking the precaution to let the air out, by pricking it with the point of a knife, press it even all over, cut the superfluous parts off; then use them accordinglv, sometimes filling them with bread crunibs, and when baked, empty them, and fill with either sweets or savories, sometimes make tops for them of puff-paste; at other times, fill with your preparation and bake, as circumstances may suit.

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