Damson - Defined and Described

Damson is the name of a peculiar flavored small blue plum that if eateo raw would contract the jaws; it is therefore always served in a cooked condition, in which form it is rich and delicious; it makes a fine preserve, jam, jelly, wiDe, compate, pudding, pie and tartlette.

Damson Preserves. Wipe Damsons with a piece of cheese-cloth wrung out of cold water, and prick each fruit five or six times, using a large needle; then weigh. Make a syrup by boiling three-fourths their weight in sugar with water, allowing one cup to each pound of sugar. As soon as syrup reaches boiling-point, skim, aud add plums, a few at a time, that fruit may better keep in shape during cooking. Cook until soft. It is well to use two kettles, that work may he more quickly done, and syrup need not cook too long a time. Put into glass or stone jars.

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