D'Artois - Defined - Serving Suggestions

D'Artois-Is the name giveu to a certain kind of cake made with puff paste and marmalade; also in meat cookery to a sheet of puff paste spread with a salpiçon of fish forcemeat, crayfish tails, eel livers, oysters and mushrooms, another sheet is laid on top, edges piuched together, brushed over with egg wash, baked; served in slices twice as long as wide, on a folded napkin.

RISSOLES à la d'Artois.—Make a sort of forcemeat of chicken, partridge, rabbit, for sweetbread, etc. (see Croquettes), and make a rissole paste (see Coliops), which rail out very thin; make the force-meat into little round balls, and place them at equal distances on the paste; egg them lightly, and turn the end over; cut them with the gigging iron to the shape of a scallop, prick each of them, and fry them quickly in lard; lay them on paper as you do them; serve them very hot, with a napkin under them.

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