Czarina - Defined

Czarina—Name of a Russian sauce often served in that country with boiled tongue. It is composed of a good Espagnole sauce containing minced gherkins, seedless raisins and lemon juice, simmered till the raisins are soft.

Czarina sauce is good for boiled tongue—Into some Espagnole, work the juice of a lemon, some minced gherkins and seedless raisins, boil till tender.

Vintage Czarina Recipes

Czarina Sauce (Sauce à la Czarina)

Put one and a half cups rich stock on stove with two tablespoons butter; color with kitchen bouquet and beef extract. When boiling, thicken with one tablespoon cornstarch.

Skim, then add half cup washed sultana raisins, some sweet gherkins (cut in dices), four tablespoons port wine, pepper and salt to taste. Serve with veal, chicken, and lamb.

Czarina Sauce (Sauce Czarina)

Put a few bones from larks, quails, or other birds into a stewpan with half a pint of white wine, a wineglassful of sherry, and two finely-chopped eschalots; boil together for about fifteen minutes, then pour off the liquor or wring it through the tummy, add it to three-quarters of a pint of Velouté sauce, and eight to ten fresh button mushrooms that have been washed and finely chopped; boil all together for fifteen minutes, add half a gill of cream and one or two chopped truffles, and use with entrées, sweetbreads, farced bird*, such as roast pheasant, chickens, etc.

Czarina Sauce.

Have an extraordinarily rich brown sauce, and to this add sultana raisins, gherkins cut to the size of the raisins, and lemon-peel which has been parboiled and cut to the same size. Season with black pepper, and simmer, stirring in at the last moment enough butter to give softness to the other ingredients.

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